8 ways to save energy this winter

Save Energy and Money

I struggle with the cold, I really do. I am sat here working away in layers of clothes with a kitten curled up on my feet to keep them warm and the heating turned up higher than I should have it. Last week was so cold with the snow. I had the pleasure of going to football training on Friday night in 1 degree, that was chilly!

So what can you do to save energy costs? The average 3 bed house costs £1300 a year in energy bills (according to Everest, although we pay less with the monthly direct debit costing £70). There are some bigger, more permanent solutions you can put in place to make significant differences to your energy bills.

Things like upgrading your boiler, improving your double glazing, installing solar panels or wind turbines even will make a significant difference but have an outlay linked to them. See the below illustration for lots of ideas. These projects will all add actual value in both the short terms and long term, making your house more efficient with big annual savings

There are also smaller changes you can make that will also make a difference

  1. Ensure you use a timer for your energy so that you are not using energy at regular times when you are not in the house. I work from home so will often put the heating up and then turn it down a couple of degrees so its not on high all the time.
  2. Invest in some fluffy warm sofa blankets, lovely to snuggle into to keep warm.
  3. Wash your clothes at 30 degree rather than 40, most washing powders are just as effective at 30 as at 40 degrees.
  4. Use the heat from the oven to keep the house warm!! Open it up after the food has stopped cooking to let the heat take over the kitchen/dining room.
  5. Keep all the doors shut and blinds closed/curtains drawn to keep the heat in.
  6. Use a shower timer and only shower for 5 minutes maximum.
  7. Swap all your light bulbs over to LED to save an average £45 per year!!
  8. Insulate your loft with at least 270mm of insulation. This is really important as heat rises and is lot through the roof.
16-1-17 Energy Saving

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