Compare The Market Simple and Convenient Insurance Tool

Compare The Market Simples Convenient Insurance Tool

You may remember back in August of last year I had the privilege of spending an evening with a group of brilliant bloggers and the team from Compare the Market. The had built an exciting new insurance product where you can handily store all your insurance documents online. Whenever you have a question about anything in your policy you can ask the widget for help.

This is incredible new technology that was so impressive to understand, learn about and test/give feedback on.

A few months on the new product has moved on many stages and is now much more user friendly. Upon logging in I can see that the first page you get to has changed in appearance and clarity (worryingly all my insurance policies are all up for renewal in the next two months!). Every policy is listed clearly with renewal dates and how much my policy cost last time it was renewed.

When I click into each policy it I can immediately see all the key information, including policy number, contact number of policy company. Also, what it includes and what it doesn’t include. There is also a handy clickable button to get a quote from Compare The Market. It’s great to see that much of the feedback we gave as a group of blogger was taken into consideration and was changed.

Possibly the most complex bit of the process was loading your insurance documents into the system that then analyses it for the all the key details. This process has now been documented into a video giving simples (!!) instructions to make the process as easy as possible.

Give it a go Yourself

So why not give it a go yourself, it’s really easy to sign up. Just follow this process

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up for Simples with your login
  3. Add a car, travel and/or home insurance policy
  4. Use the SMS chat widget to speak to and ask questions of your policy

If you get stuck at any time you can speak to the chat box who will answer your questions helpfully

Why do I like this Service?

I love anything that saves me time and effort and am not a fan of paperwork and my documents are often not where they should be. This way I know all key insurance documents are all stored with Compare the Market.

This is a collaborative post.


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