A Near Breakdown turns Positive & into the best week ever

A Near Breakdown turns Positive & into the best week ever

Do you believe in guardian angels? As in real life people who come into your life to help you cope with the reality of adult life and all its issues? This week I broke. I totally fell apart. Overwhelm got to me, and a troll got to me. My immediate coping mechanism was to go drink myself silly with a good friend, but the effect the following day was not good.

I felt broken, you know that feeling when you just can’t cope with adult life. Everything was going wrong, even the trains were not working when I needed to get into London! I had a to do list that was spiralling out of control, lots of stuff on my mind. A call with my coach helped, but I still had my head in the thick of the stress, so his coping tools didn’t kick in until the next day.

near breakdown turns positive

Getting out of the depths of Dispair

Fast forward to after the depths of despair. I recorded my radio show. Ray whom owns SG1 Radio is a very calm, zen, spiritual person. You just have to be in his presence and its calms you. An incredible power he has. I proceeded to record the BEST show ever (episode 3 will be aired Tuesday 12th, 11am to 12 noon, click here for episodes 1&2) graciously helped by Faith Archer whom I interviewed this week. The music was ace, and the talk was inspirational, funny and educational.

Meeting Cash for Thai

I then drove for an hour to a meeting with a client. Such a grounding meeting, talking about debt, hearing debt stories and how debt is managed. At one point I nearly cried listening to a story, interesting reaction in a client meeting. I then met my wonderful friend Cash for dinner. I urge you to follow Cash on Instagram and read her story. She tells it as it is, with every picture. It’s a tough read but you need to do it.

I have known Cash for 2 years, we worked on an Aldi school uniform project together, pretty much two years ago to the day! Our children were filming all day and we had maybe eight hours to chat about anything and everything. We kept in touch since, mainly on Instagram.

A Tough Life

Cash has had a tough life, an interesting life, but a tough tough life. She is currently living in a refuge, so is homeless. Awaiting her council house, which she has been allocated but can’t move into yet. Her beautiful little girl is there with her all the way. And a few weeks ago, Cash tried to take her own life.

I took colourful flowers and chocolate. I wanted to bring some colour to Cash’s refuge flat and I wanted her daughter to have some yummy chocolate.

We ate bargain Thai and diet coke. There was enough left to fill a box that would feed Cash for another 2 days. We talked about anything and everything, business, life, relationships, death, abuse, trolls, jealousy.

Cash is really the most inspiring of people, and good things are coming her way. And I am so proud and can’t wait to see her bloom.

Thank you for switching my potential breakdown off, grounding me and making me grateful for the simple things in life, a roof over my head and food in my cupboards.

Cash flipped my life

The week turned out so well after meeting Cash. I chilled out and employed my coach’s new method of to-do list which was to write three things only to achieve each day. I met one of my mentors for lunch on Wednesday and had a lovely motivational meeting. And got to see his beautiful new Pilates studio in Hitchin.

I also spent time with the wonderful Sandra Piddock late on Wednesday night. We met via my book and Facebook group and Sandra writes about lots of things I love, crystals, psychic ability, angels. We had a skype session and she gave me some guidance from the angels and we chose some cards together. I got much peace from this meeting and Sandra knew many things going on that have never been shared with anyone. We talked crystals and I have added some clear quartz to my collection. Sandra knows her stuff, she has the ability, and I slept like a baby after speaking to her.

Thursday, I met another friend for lunch who I hadn’t seen for a year and didn’t stop talking for three hours about business, life, ideas and everything in between. I also had a fab PT session with Kane, who despite his years, yes, he is young enough to be my son, is very wise. He speaks his mind about my binge drinking and binge eating, and then kills me with a PT session. I ended this session with 30 chest press up with 10kg of weight on each dumb-bell. It took a while, but I did it.

Thursdays mini circuit with @kaneallardycelifts at @nobull_fitness. Run for 400 metres, 10kg dumb-bells doing the lateral row things. Then using same weights bench press. Repeat 3 times over with 40 reps of the arm things. My arms still kill after 48 hours. Thanks kane. But its got to have got rid of some of the bingo wings??!! Grateful today for a chilled day. Football tournament for josh. Bra shopping this afternoon. And a nap on the hammock. Oh and a 1 hour chat with @lucy_drake20 over a coffee. #3positivethings 1) my back has gone down to 30 inches now. The wonderful Clare from @thefittingroomstevenage got my new size right with the first bra she chose by sight🙀. That is a skill. New bras sorted. Ive ordered a beautiful new sports bra will share pics when it arrives. 2) Chilled day mostly with my beautiful jack today. Now watching batman. 3) ate half a harry potter choc frog. Tasty. It was a gift from last night. . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #motivation #fit #healthy #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #fitgirl #personaltrainer #fitnessaddict #girlswholift #personaltraining #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #gymlife #fitfamily #fitfluential #fitspiration #fitnesslifestyle #mindset #instafitness #fitnessgoals #strongnotskinny #loa #lawofattraction

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And then Friday I met a friend for brunch and then had Josh’s sports day. We ended the week whizzing over to Harry Potter world for parent blogger event where we got VIP treatment, a tour of the amazing studios and were fed, butterbeered up, had photos and were thoroughly spoilt. Go see my Insta where there are lots of pictures and I do love an Instastory so would love you to go follow me there.

My Wed through to Friday sounds amazing, and I did all of the things on my to do list, as well as getting a post published four days out of five. Feeling like I have had the best week ever. Plus I agreed a ton of new work. Karma hey. I love it.

I must always remember, quoting Taylor Swift, the haters are always going to hate. And I am going to refer to the lovely Charity Barnham quote again from the Greatest Showman.


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  1. So lovely to read the positivity in this. Sometimes life throws us the **** just to make us see what we’ve got in life and to drive us forward xx

  2. So glad you ended the week feeling better than it started. I realised I already followed cass but didn’t realise who it was until last week and you mentioned you had met up… very much an inspiring lady as is you for pulling it back round

  3. Omg how hectic was your week. I’m so sorry you had a rubbish start of the week, but I agree Harry Potter World was absolutely amazing 🙂

    1. Hectic is good, it will calm down come July/Aug and the summer holidays! Really did love Harry Potter, must get my post written! Next time grab me:-)

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