Quotes from the Greatest Showman – a film so relatable to real life

Quotes from the Greatest Showman 

I was late to the phenomenon of the Greatest Showman. I didn’t go to cinema until early April 2018 to see it. The feeling of watching that film was incredible, I was blown away. From beginning to end it was incredible and I cried from half way through the film. I love the positive messages that flow through the film, so many than ring true to mine and many people’s lives.

Quotes from the Greatest Showman

I got home and immediately bought the soundtrack, only available on the full Amazon music package so I subscribed to the free trial and got the music then and there! It’s the most often Alexa by far, and the boys absolutely love it. So much that I went back to the see the film a second time with Dylan my eldest.

We play the soundtrack all the time and have all learnt the words, we had the best sing along on the way home from football last week.

Rags to Riches

This is a classic movie story of rags to riches, riches of the monetary sense and love. PT Barnum starts off his life without a mum and loses his dad. He becomes homeless but sees an idea to make some money and to crawl out of his desperation. Barnum works hard, returns for Charity, his one true love and they live life together without much money but with happiness. He works in a normal job but dreams of bigger and better things.


This quote means a lot to me. Whenever I feel comfortable in any situation I almost know that its time to shake things up. When I am offered opportunities that scare me, I immediately say yes. I often seek out experiences that scare me to push my boundaries and to experience new things.

Barnum dreams of building the circus are realised and he builds an incredibly successful business and wants for nothing. The family live in the biggest house, wear the most beautiful clothes and drink the finest champagne. But he wants more, more adoration, more success, more money and it all falls apart around him because of one risk taken too far.

Risk Vs. Return

I have talked about my attitude to risk before. But the fact remains that you must take a risk to create the opportunity of making a good return. The same goes with business you need to take a risk to get a return. You need to invest some money to reap the rewards. But not too much of a risk that you lose it all.

Quotes from the Greatest Showman

I love this quote. Right from my first job always said that I wanted to make a difference. My corporate career didn’t really do this, all those jobs for EE, Tesco, HSBC I was helping to make money for the shareholders. I wasn’t making a different working for a company that sells financial products, mobile phones or groceries!

But now I am making a difference, every day. I took a big risk to launch a business in a very new industry. I make up my own rules and walk my own path and have created a business that is different to everyone else and I love it. People read my content and learn. They learn to save money, get out of debt and make money.


Oh, this song, Never enough. This is the point in the film where I started crying, twice. The song is so powerful and her voice, Loren Allred is just stunningly beautiful. All the shine from a thousand spotlights, all the stars that we steal from the night sky will never be enough.

What Jenny says here is true, be careless with other people feelings or emotions and you can hurt yourself. Karma will come back around and will cause you grief if you cause pain to others.

It’s a principle I live to with my law of attraction practise. Be kind and grateful and giving. And karma / the universe will respond with the good and positivity and what you have asked for.

Quotes from the Greatest Showman

Charity says this most amazing quote when trying to rationalise with Barnum of all the things he was trying to achieve, the heights he was going to and why. We will never live in a world where everyone loves us, the reality is that most people might ‘like you’ and a few people might take a ‘dislike’ to you. And a small number of beautiful people will love you. This is my favourite quote from the movie.

A movie about the power of friends who will do anything for you. The power of acceptance no matter your skin colour, size or appearance. A film about love and forgiveness. A film about taking a chance to build something amazing.

The DVD comes out soon and we cant wait, pre-order has been placed for £9.99 on Amazon so it arrive on 14th May.


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