My Personal and Business Goals for 2018

My Personal and Business Goals for 2018

I keep thinking about my goals for the year and I have a plan in my head. It’s going to whole lot more achievable if I write it down. Goals are a bit like that, commit them to being written down and then you have to achieve it!  I am also treating this as a bit of a manifestation experiment. I will achieve everything that I am passionate about achieving so here are my personal and business goals for 2018.

My Personal and Business Goals  for 2018

Health – Diet

I’ll start with something that I’ve made a really great start on this year which is getting back to looking after my health and my body. I have let things slip over the past few months. I’ll come clean and be honest. The colder darker days have had an impact on my eating. I started eating a bowl of cereal at around 9pm each night. Why? I’m not sure why, I wasn’t hungry but I still had that bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes. I was eating lots of biscuits, and I mean lots. If a packet was open I would eat 6-7-8 easily, if not more. I wasn’t drinking enough water or eating enough fruit and vegetables.

The impact is that I have put on weight. I don’t know how much and I’m not going to weigh myself. I know that my clothes are feeling tighter, I have that muffin top. My once 10/12 size has increased and my bras feel too tight. I had gotten to a point where I was feeling really happy with myself so I don’t want to go back to how I was before which was 3 stone heavier, not happy with myself and putting my heart at risk being overweight.

I am just going to switch back on the button to eat well. Firstly water, the free drink that is the probably the most healthy thing you can do. I am drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Plus herbal teas as well. I am starting the day with a detox tea, or green tea and ending the day with a sleep tea.

Every day I am eating at least 5 portions of fruit/veg with more of an emphasis on veg! No more cereal in the evening, if I only buy the cereal that the children love and not me, I wont eat it! And no more biscuits, again when I buy biscuits I ensure they are the ones that I won’t gorge on. We have a cupboard that is the cupboard of treats and it was a big focus when I did my hypnotherapy for weight loss. I have retrained my sub-conscious mind to ignore the contents of that cupboard!

Health – Exercise

Exercise for me is the cherry on top of a healthy lifestyle. My personal training has been continuing throughout the past few months, but it doesn’t have that much impact when you are shovelling biscuits every day. What it has done is slowed down the impact of the weight gain. My strength is higher and my metabolism is faster with the training so I have gained less weight than I would have done without the training. My personal training on a weekly basis shall continue. I train with Kane from No-Bull Fitness. They have an offer at the moment to get the whole of January free at their gym AND includes a free personal training session. What have you got to lose, why not go try it out?

I’m back out running again! My Christmas present from hubby was a lovely new pair of trainers so they have been put to good use with three runs so far this year! YES three runs! The first run was a quick 1 mile with Dylan at the park, he could have done twice the distance I did in the same time! Last week I ran three miles, with a couple of stops as I was climbing hills. And today I ran 4.5 miles with no stopping, smashing 20 seconds off my average mile pace. My target is to get my average mile pace to less than a 10 minute mile. I am currently at 11 minutes so I can totally get there. Todays’s run burnt a huge 700 calories and was a perfect way to start the day.

I am also following the MUTU program at home. A program to strengthen my core stomach muscles, pelvic floor and lower back. It’s a gentle program perfect for mums who are keen to get their stomach back after having babies. Using some basic equipment to do some simple exercises each day. There are detailed guided videos to follow every day along with fab advice on your body and diet.

Business Goals

I am actually keeping these fairly simple and have a clear plan on how I am going to achieve these goals.

I am going to double everything! So that mean doubling my website traffic and doubling my social media numbers. The consequence will be the doubling of my turnover. The further consequence of this will mean that my debt can be repaid in full during 2018.

Do you have goals for 2018? I would love to hear all about them. Remember if you say it out loud you have committed to making it happen!


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  1. Lynn, goals are wonderful. I look at them as a little different from New Years resolutions, especially if they’re S.M.A.R.T. goals. I don’t make resolutions; I set goals and then I reach them (for the most part). So the very best of luck to you in achieving your diet, exercise and business goals!

  2. I am with you on this goal! My goal this year is health. I am not concentrating on weight and how many pounds to lose, instead I am focusing on getting healthy and keep that as a lifestyle and if I lose weight in the process that is a bigger yayyy!!

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