5 Frugal Things Post 57 – Detoxing money and the body!

5 Frugal Things Post 57 – Detoxing money and the body!

Happy New Year folks if you havn’t popped back to my site so far this year, thank for reading 5 frugal things post 57! I hope that the few days of the year have been okay, have you made any financial new years resolutions? Are you on a health kick? Im not a big fan of new year resolutions particularly as January is a tough month and all that healthy eating, no booze, no spending can make the month even worse. So everything is in moderation for me.

Financially we absolutely need to reign back the every day spending that hits the credit card. We put everything onto a credit card to get clubcard vouchers and then repay it in full each month. I like to keep this to less than £1000 every month. But I’ve just paid the Nov/Dec card and it had hit £1700. That is the impact of Christmas presents and paying for Dylans Germany football trips.

Keeping control of the credit card and using up the freezer food.

I did a check of the credit card bill covering 15th Dec to 15 Jan and its already hit £1000, this is the impact of 2 big food shops for treats over Christmas, a couple of treat dinners out and keeping the kids entertained during the holidays so we really need to add nothing more to the credit card for 10 days. A slight problem as we do need to do a food shop. Im trying really hard to run down the food in the freezers and get creative making meals out of what we already have.

New Trainers

We did need to do a spot of shopping before the return to school on Thursday. The boys all needed new trainers for PE at school. We headed to the Nike Outlet in Hatfield and managed to find three pairs in the right sizes for all three boys for £10 each! Bargain.

5 frugal things post 57

New Year Financial Overhaul

I started this year with my top ten tips on how to have a financial overhaul and I urge you to read it to see if you can pick up some tips on where to save or make a bit of money. January is a tight month for money so every little helps. Some of the ideas will save you hundreds so its 100% worth a new year overhaul.

January detox

I was looking at the January detox teas in Superdrug earlier in the week. I have used Bootea before, but only when it was on special offer. Of course now its January it was back to its full price at £19.99. Too much and I also remembered I have a cupboard full of teas at home. A few months back Teapigs had sent me a well being mulitpack to try and I still had a few left. So all this week I have been trying to avoid coffee, starting the day with a detox tea and ending the day with a sleep tea. In between I have been downing the water. I have been very successful in drinking 2 litres of water a day! And the detox tea is doing its job!

Lunch at the Carvery blog planning 2018

Blogging can be lonely if you keep yourself to yourself. This was never going to work for me I have always loved the interaction of an office environment, the team work and the reliance on other people for help and advice. One of the people who I rely on as a friend and fellow blogger is Emma Drew. We met up on Thursday for a carvery lunch at a beautiful pub right next to the river near Huntingdon. A bargain lunch as well which cost us less than £10 each for a huge plateful of food that I totally failed to take a picture of! We spent a good two hours planning out our years, giving advice, discussing goals and we will keep each other accountable to them.

Saving money on your utility bills

I published a really interesting post this week comparing the customer services of Octopus energy that I use to British Gas that a fellow blogger uses. We both made the same phonecalls, sent emails, tweets and facebook messages and compared the time and quality of the responses. Octopus are a great value provider of energy and are really worth looking into if its time to switch for you. PLUS we both get a £50 bonus if you decide to switch using this link.

I’m linking up with this CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.




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