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A reminder of Mrs Mummypenny Spending diaries series and what you can expect to read.

A chance to read other peoples spending diaries, a mixture of all sorts of guests, parents, single folk, men and women, older and younger, from all parts of the country. Not only is it interesting to read, it is also something you can learn from.

Other people do great things to save money. Or maybe empathise with, emotional spending, mum guilt (talking from experience here).

Cashback collette

Cashback Collette

Today its the turn of Collette, over to her.

My name is Collette, I am 27 and I live in Surrey with my boyfriend of four years, George. I blog about money-saving tips, freebies, discounts and more at Cashback Collette. We moved down South from Manchester about 3 years ago and got on the property ladder in 2017, buying a one-bed fixer upper flat.  

I am usually very thrifty and I always separate my wage at the start of the month for savings and bills. We’ve got some big goals for 2020 like saving for a house and converting our current flat into a buy to let, so it’s all about finding the balance between spending and saving at the minute.

I should note that I’ve already budgeted for this week well in advance and it’s very rare we eat out and shop as much!


This week’s spending is very unusual. My parents are coming to stay, and I want to make sure they have a good time. My mum loves interior design and is very house proud, so obviously, I’m in a state of mass panic and drag George to IKEA on a Bank Holiday to buy all sorts of bits and bobs from candles to cushions.

I feel bad as it’s so hectic in there, so I treat him to a cup of tea (which is free for you and everyone you’re with when you have an IKEA FAMILY card) and a pack of biscuits.

On the way home, I also nip to Argos, Primark and Asda and get carried away with their bedding and towel sale.

Total spend: £33.50

Cashback Collette


Can’t believe my parents are coming tomorrow! It’s a last-minute cleaning spree tonight and I’ve completely jumped on the Mrs Hinch band wagon and watch all her videos on lunch and make a cleaning supplies shopping list.

Cashback Collette

I go to Pound Stretchers and Morrisons for all the cheap stuff and dupes. Georges spots a fancy new spray mop, which is £6.50 compared to the Vileda one Mrs Hinch recommends (which is £25!) as well as a Zoflora dupe, which in my opinion smells nicer and you get more in the bottle.

We pull the airbed out and realise it has a massive rip so frantically look up where to buy a new one on the internet. Found one in Halfords for £7, sorted!

Total spend: £27


Sat in work wondering what to have for tea, as my parents are arriving at 6.30pm tonight on the train. I finish work and pick them up from the station. As usual, mum has brought half of Sainsbury’s with her (milk, crackers, yoghurts – you name it!)

We decide on Wetherspoons for dinner as it’s cheap and cheerful and quick service. I have mushroom risotto and a Kopparberg; George and my dad have fish and chips and a pint, and my mum has an all-day brunch and a cup of tea.

George says it’s his treat so total spend for me is 0.

(My parents still don’t understand that we have separate accounts, but it’s worked for us for four years!)


Another day in work, yawn! I feel bad because we haven’t been able to get time off because I started half way through the year and we’ve used all of our holidays for going back to Manchester and little trips here and there so I’m stuck in work but my parents say they don’t mind and are happy to wander.

We get home and see our local pub quiz is on so have some dinner at home tonight and head down. My turn to pay for drinks and the quiz is £1 each.

We come second so win a bottle of white wine, hurrah!

Total spend: £22

Cashback Collette


Finally, the weekend! Looking forward to some quality time with my parents at last. They’ve already eaten so George and I grab a quick Chinese on the way home. We have a few drinks and get an early night ready for our big weekend plans.

Total spend: £14.99


We’re back at Spoons for breakfast, which again, cheap and cheerful and they have a great selection. My parents insist this is on them, so we oblige but treat them to a meal deal for lunch. Today my dad is intent on helping us with some odd jobs around the flat like fitting new light fixtures so off to B&Q, Screwfix and Wickes we go!

Pick up a few lights, etc. and a nice new wicker laundry basket on sale.

We head back and stop off at Sainsbury’s where we pick up some sandwiches and bits for lunch.

We’re eating in again tonight, as we’re waiting till tomorrow to take advantage of Meerkat 2 for 4 on meals.

Total spend £27.30


Today is a chilled one. We walk into our local town and show them the castle, have a coffee and just relax.

Later, we scrub up and head to a curry house later where George and I offer to pay but my parents refuse!

Total spend £12


We’ve both managed to get Monday off and its breakfast on the go today, as we’re off to Winchester Cathedral, our treat! We grab a coffee and croissant and arrive about midday. George and I both have student cards and my dad is over 60 so we get a significant discount.

Total spend: £35

On the way to finding somewhere for lunch, mum and I spot an amazing Cancer Research charity shop where everything is £1 so we’re in there for a good hour! Grab a few dresses, tops and skirts, etc. Some to sell on and some to keep for myself.

Total spend: £15

George pays for lunch as I paid for the tickets, so we stop at a local café and enjoy views of the cathedral.

It’s my parent’s last day so later for our last meal with them, we take them to our favourite place, Pizza Express! Again, we have Meerkat meals and a £20 gift card so again, we saved on the bill. Me and George get this one as a big thank you to my mum and dad.

Cashback Collette

Total spend: £70

You can follow Collette on Instagram and Twitter here. Great usage of student discounts here and 2 for 1 discounts from compare the market!

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