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August 2019 has seen the start of my exciting new blog series ‘The Mummypenny Spending Diaries’ and today is my fourth post from ..oh from me! Mrs Mummypenny! 

A reminder of Mrs Mummypenny Spending diaries. It is a chance to read other peoples spending diaries, a mixture of all sorts of guests, parents, single folk, men and women, older and younger, from all parts of the country. Not only is it interesting to read, it is also something you can learn from. Other people do great things to save money. Or maybe empathise with, emotional spending, mum guilt (talking from experience here).

Mummypenny Spending Diaries

Week 5 of the Summer holidays 19th Aug to 25th Aug

Summer holidays are always an expensive time for me, but I have tried to cut back during week 5/6. I have been spending far too much on entertainment stuff, maybe I can try harder to do some free things this week?

I struggle hugely with mum guilt during the holidays and want to spend time doing fun stuff, but that fun stuff doesn’t have to cost the earth. We had a week away at the beginning of the summer holidays so did spend a lot then, I have tried to spend much less for the rest of the holidays.

I am also highly aware of my emotional spending tendencies, so I avoided shops as much as possible!


Monday was my first day back with the boys after they had been with the in-laws for a week. So firstly, big time mum guilt. And then big-time don’t spend too much money guilt. Hmmm these two thoughts are slightly conflicting.

Anyways I had some work to get done on the Monday morning and then we headed out into Stevenage for a wander around the shops. We needed to return some too big school shoes and get new indoor football trainers for Dylan, who feet seem to grow every few months.

Nike Shoes were in sale in Sports Direct, £55 down to £32. Unfortunately, he is in adult shoes now, so the price goes right up. And whilst in there we got a basketball, which he hasn’t put down in a week. So, a good investment I suppose, and we have a well-used basketball ring in our garden.

The boys begged for a Subway lunch. I gave in and we spent £20 on 4 meal deals.

Comic Shop £2

Subway Lunch £20

New Indoor Football Trainers for Dylan £32

Basketball £10

Total Spend £64


Early doors we headed to Halfords to collect my bike that needed repairing, the chain had broken. I paid for this using Halfords vouchers that I had turned my Top Cash Back Money into. I had £35 of cash back sat in my account so I turned it into Halfords vouchers and got a 5% boost. My plan is to carry on doing this to save up vouchers for birthday/Christmas pressies as they all want bikes/scooters.

We the headed up to Grafham Waters, via McDonalds. They have fallen in love with the breakfast wraps. Another repeat day of an eating out treat.

We took one bike up to Grafham, in the boot. Unfortunately, we can’t attach our bike rack to our car due to the spoiler so can only carry what we can fit in the boot. We hired an adult bike and two child’s bikes which cost £38. This was for 3 hours hire, but they also not to worry if we were late getting back. We did the 8-mile circuit of the water in 3 ½ hours, with a few stops.

McDonalds Breakfast £18

Grafham Water Parking £3.50

Ice creams halfway around £8

Bike Hire £38

Total Spend £67.50


Dylan had a football game in South London so that was him sorted for the day. Whilst he was gone, Josh, Jack and I headed into Welwyn Garden City. I thought that I had a voucher with some money left on it, so we headed for some lunch. Turns out I only had 42p on the card. Lunch cost us £15.

We also spent some time in the park- free. On the way back from Welwyn we did a little Aldi top up shop and spent £23.

John Lewis Lunch £15

Aldi TopUp shop £23

Total Spend £38


Dylan had more time away on Thursday at his friend’s house and trampoline park. So, whilst he was away having fun Josh, Jack and I headed to Caffe Vero in our village for brunch. Just writing this out makes me think of all the money we have spent on food this week! A lot!

I also needed to book parking at Gatwick airport. Slightly annoying but I am flying to Corsica at 6am in a few days and I cannot get the train. So, I must drive and pay for parking. The train would have cost £30 in total and the parking is £70 after Top Cash Back cash back. I paid for meet & greet as I am travelling by myself and didn’t fancy waiting around for a bus in a car park at 3am.

Brunch £24

Parking at Gatwick £73

Total Spend £97


This was our Brighton day out to meet friends and have a picnic on the beach. We got the train from Knebworth to Brighton. With our food in our backpacks. We managed to miss our train at Brighton, so got treats from M&S. And then the trains stopped working on route to London, so we had to divert to Victoria and tube it to Kings Cross. At Kings Cross the boys were starving so we got sandwiches from Waitrose.

As soon as we got home, very late, the boys were whisked off for a camping trip with their dad.

Train tickets £30 discounted with network railcard

Ice-creams £10

Food at Brighton M&S and Kings Cross £32

Total Spend £72


A day to myself and I needed my nails done for holiday. Hands and toes cost £50 for gels at Knebworth Nail bar. These nails will last for 4 weeks though.

Saturday was also the start of eat clean, train dirty. And this was already paid for. I did the first exercise class and got some essentials from the co-op. £11 spent

Total Spend £61


I needed more eat clean essentials, eggs, cheese, vegetables kind of things. I spent £24 on these. And it more than enough food to keep me going for the whole week.

Total Spend of £24

Let’s add that up. I am thinking it’s going to be a big scary number.

Total Spend of £423.

Quite a lot for a week! But then again that was all spending, food and travel included. And a big parking charge for a working holiday. I am going to work hard to spend less for the last week of half term!!


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