Monday Money #87 Frozen Shoulder Pain

I sit here writing in pain and feeling very tired. My frozen shoulder pain has got much worse this past week. Last night was awful, the pain woke me up at least 15 times and at 4:30 I gave up and just woke up. Today I have given up with refusing the pain killers and have taken strong ibuprofen.

This injury is costing me a small fortune. So far I have tried massage and two sessions of physio, neither has worked. I have bought a shoulder and neck massage device as my latest attempt at fixing the problem, a total spend so far of £190.

I am off to the doctors in two weeks time to get myself referred as this pain cannot continue. Moan over, do leave a comment if you can recommend anything to help with the pain in the short-term

Back to Monday Saving from Last week

Car Insurance Renewal Time

My least favourite bill to renew, yes its time to renew my car insurance. I am very hopeful this year that the cost goes down considerably. This year there is just me as the sole driver and I have full no claims bonus. The only negative is that I got a speeding fine last year which may impact.

I am currently 6 weeks from renewal time and according to many sources now is the BEST time to get a renewal quote and save as much money as possible. I always follow the same process by running a comparison on the TopCashBack insurance comparison tool. This not only find me the best value deal it also means I get a chunk of cash back as well for choosing a particular insurance company. Win Win!

I will let you know how I get on as it will be sorted out by next week.

Happy Hour drinks with my Ex-work team

Thursday night was a night out in London with my old team that I worked with at T-mobile and then EE. We were the dream team of sales managers who worked hard and played hard. We got to go on so many team dos and nights away to Newcastle. Seven years on we still meet up regularly, and I am pleased to report that we met up and managed to get in a couple of half price happy hour drinks! Another bonus is that we made the last train home, saving the Uber fare!

Bella Magazine Feature

I was featured in Bella magazine last week with a post about my view on whether teenage children should work or not. My view absolutely! I worked from the age of 14 and loved having that extra money. It taught me a great work ethic and meant I could regularly get new clothes for a Saturday night out.

Do The Unthinkable

I have been following the Do The Unthinkable eating plan this week and have really enjoyed the food! I was sent a huge box of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. Here is the chinese chicken curry. A very lovely treat on Saturday night that felt like a cheat meal.

I have particularly enjoyed the microwave muffins in a pot, porridge, the pizzas were very yummy. For a full sponsored review check out this post.

Lone cinema trips

One of my favourite things to do by myself is to go the cinema! I love choosing whatever film I want, sitting in the comfy IMAX cinema and enjoying a film all to myself. This weekend I went to see Birds of Prey and loved it. The IMAX screen is a premium screen that you pay a bit extra for, my ticket was £11.50 rather than £17 that I would have paid bought directly from cinema. I get this discount via the kidspass app, that you can trial right now for just £1. Totally worth a trial if you have a cinema trip planned in the next month.

My 10k challenge

I shared a post last week about my various 10k challenges, including money, Instagram following and a 10k run. The number kept popping up as a target so I have written my goals down, making them much more likely to hit them! Now to find a fun 10k race thats not too hilly, or when its too hot.

Freebie Fancy Dress

Today is Aztec day at school for Jack and he really did not want to dress up for it. So I found a design on google and created this t-short for him using sharpies! I am really pleased with my creative attempt, and it cost me nothing. 

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  1. Bella Magazine Feature

    I agree entirely, my daughter worked in our business from the age of 12. She ended up in her early teens, far more competent than most of the staff, and the amount of confidence it gave her was amazing.

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