The 10k challenge. Goal Setting for Mrs Mummypenny and me!

The 10k challenge. 

The number ten thousand, 10k keeps appearing for me, when I think of targets for things in life and in business. Therefore, I am thinking if I share my 10k targets, and put them out to the universe, they will happen in 2020 or even within a month!

I am a follower of the law of attraction and the power of the universe. I don’t mean living and breathing ‘The Secret’ rather that I do the following, my interpretation.

  • Manifest things by writing them down and telling the world what I want to achieve and what I want in life
  • Express gratitude daily, normally on my Instagram feed, but also verbally to friends and people I meet on a daily basis.
  • Surround myself with fellow positive people and believers of the power of the universe.
  • I love my crystals and use their powers to help with daily tasks, feelings and goals

Here are the things I am aiming for in my 10k challenge

Social Media Goals

This is possibly a bit of a vanity measure. But I like to reach certain numbers and to get to five figures as a following on social media channels would be great. For Instagram it will have a positive impact on my income as I will be granted the ‘swipe up’ function, meaning I can add in links and my story followers can simply swipe up to get access to the link. As at January 2020 I am at 7.7k followers. Not too far away from my goal. If you are not following why not??!! Here is my Instagram page

How will I reach 10k, by posting consistently every day. I have started a pattern on my feed with a column of foodie pictures. And I try to create exciting and engaging content that people will react to. I will spend some time every day engaging with other people in my niche. And I will hope for another viral post from a newspaper that gets me another big chunk of followers (mid-January my Pack Lunch post was re-shared by The Sun and in two days I had 1000 new Instagram followers)

Twitter is where I am closest to my goal with a following of 8.7k followers. 10k is 100% vanity here as reaching this target is unlikely to benefit me in much of a way. Apart from extra reach for posts and traffic to my website.

How will I do it? Not really sure. I will carry on as I have been doing, sharing things regularly on Twitter. Posting random Twitter musings and having conversations with others.

And then Facebook. This was the first social media channel that I started to focus on. Back in the day when Facebook didn’t expect you to pay for the reach on a business page. I am at 6.7k followers. Its growing slowly and I am not really doing anything to grow it.

Where I am more interested is my Mrs Mummypenny Money Saving Tips Group. Its fairly small with 1.2k members but is super engaged. Sharing the right post in there will reach 20-30% of the group. Reach is more like 16/17% on my Facebook page.

Receiving a lump sum of £10k in cash

In 2018/19 I decided to manifest this goal. I auditioned to be a contestant on the Chase. I made it all the way through to the show, got £9,000 in the cash builder and was getting so close to my goal. But then failed on my last question on the ladder versus Jenny the Vixen and my hopes were dashed. Beyond gutted. The show went out on TV in Nov 2019.

the 10k challenge

After the show has aired, I was then free to apply for other TV shows. My quest for £10k continues. I recently was invited to another TV quiz show for an audition. I gave it my best shot at being clever, funny and memorable. The key to these auditions is to stand out from the group of auditionees to ensure that the producers pick you when they watch the videos back of you talking to camera.

The challenge is on. I will make it onto a quiz show and will win £10k. Tax free as well.

To Agree an extra 10k of Turnover in a month.

I am beyond happy to have some consistency of income for 2020. I have a great stream of passive income from advertising and great traffic to affiliate posts. And also have a contracted exclusivity contract with a client. Both providing a nice chunk of regular income, for the first time in five years of self-employment I have a feeling of security.

I have set myself an extra challenge, to agree £10k of new work during the month of February. This will get me right back into a good space money wise with funds back in my emergency fund. I can do this, its going to require a lot of pitching out, but I can do this!

The 10k challenge
One Money Happiness Peace Woman Women Pounds

Compete in a 10km run

January has seen me get back to running. So far, I have done a 5km run every Monday. I will start to stretch this out to 10km in the anticipation of entering an official 10km run. The last time I ran a 10km race was before Dylan was born, so before 2007! But I can do this. Target being a 10km run in less than 65 minutes. I will keep you updated!

The 10k challenge

What are your big goals for 2020? Do you have any 10k goals?


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