Do The Unthinkable plan from Muscle Foods – An Honest Review

Do The Unthinkable plan from Muscle Foods

The do the unthinkable plan has come at exactly the right time for me! A brand-new healthy eating and exercise plan coming from the established brand Muscle Foods.

The summer holiday was hard with food and exercise. I sort of gave up, not sort of, I did give up! Going to personal training was hard due to holidays and always having the boys and I sort of concluded that if I wasn’t going to my weekly personal training then I shouldn’t do my week run and HIIT class. Whoops, not the best of plan. And then I was eating whatever I wanted with lots of sweet treats added in, crisps, biscuits and ice cream. I can’t imagine how much ice-cream I ate over the summer holidays. We went on holiday in France and I ate my body weight in baguette and cheese!

September was definitely the right time to get back on track and look after my body and mind better!

How Does Do the Unthinkable plan work?

You receive every week a meal box packed full of protein rich nutritious meals and snacks that will absolutely help you with your goals to lose weight, tone up and build up strength. Fitness support comes in the way of a DVD from the plan PT Steve. There is also a Facebook group you can join with other do the unthinkable plan members. You have everything you need to keep you fuelled and motivated whilst doing the plan.

I received my pack and immediately unpacked and explored what I had. This is what I received for one weeks’ worth of the do the unthinkable plan. So much food! How can you eat all of this food in one week and lose weight?

What were the food options?

Every day you have breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as three snacks. Breakfast included things like porridge, flapjack and scrambles eggs. Lunch and dinner are interchangeable and you can pretty much choose anything you like on any day. There were options of pizza (yes pizza!), lasagne, black bean chicken and rice, chilli, Thai chicken and vegetables. Lots of really yummy choices.

do the unthinkable

And then snacks were all sorts of different options including chickpea crisps, cookies, tortilla crisps, olives and even pork scratchings!

The Good


I really enjoyed the variety of the food, so many different options to choose from. There was a different meal for every lunch and every dinner. This made it exciting choosing what to have for lunch and dinner that day. Exciting means enjoyment and therefore not feeling restricted like a typical diet might make you feel.

do the unthinkable


This was ultimate convenience food. Everything is prepared and ready to cook very quickly. Even the chicken and vegetables are ready sliced and prepped, all you need to do is to cook it. There are lots of ready meal options in a tub that you pop into the microwave from frozen and its ready within 5 minutes.


The food tasted really good! My particular favourites were the pizza, mmmm very good. The chicken tikka masala and chicken in black bean sauce were both really lovely. And the chocolate porridge pot was so good. All of the food came with added vegetables too for that extra bit of five a day.

do the unthinkable


The crisp selection was yummy, those chick pea snacks, a bit like whatsits were very good in salt and vinegar flavour. All snacks were really high in protein and low in sugar.

The Not so Good

Snacks were hit and miss

I was disappointed by some of the snacks. There were a lot of olives, the box included four bags. I can eat 2/3 olives but that’s my limits and an olive doesn’t feel like a treat to me. I didn’t like the pork scratchings, maybe the thought of what it was put me off! And the cookies tasted like cardboard. Really not a nice treat and I was so looking forward to the cookies.


I tested the 7 days plan and you have a choice of a five, six or seven-day box. You are paying extra for the convenience of the food and being on the do the unthinkable plan. The prices are £60 for the five-day plan with weekends off, £69 for the six days plan with one day off and then £79 for the seven-day plan. I can help out with some of cost as I have a voucher code that will save you £5 from your first box.

How does this compare to what you would spend on your grocery shopping and maybe one meal out a week? Probably a bit more but you do have the ultimate convenience here and it will help you to hit your health and fitness goals.


Overall, I thought that the plan was great, the food options tasted great and it never felt like a healthy eating plan. I always felt full and satisfied after every meal and I had lot of energy for my workouts during the week. I would definitely recommend it to people who are keen for no hassle and whom want everything ready and prepared for them. Also for those who like snacks between meals won’t feel like they are restricted with this. To sign up click here and don’t forget to add the vouchercode mummypenny5 to save an extra £5. Or if reading this until Mon 3rd  Feb 2020 enter the code DTUPAYDAY to save £10 from your first 3 orders.

This is a collaborative post with Muscle Foods.


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