Ways to decorate a room with limited floor space

Ways to decorate a room with limited floor space

I live in a fairly compact four-bedroom house. The downstairs is roomy and open plan, but the upstairs can feel quite small and a bit cramped. We have four bedrooms, two of which are a good size, and then two others are smaller, one is so small I use it as an office. Consequently, my three boys have decided to share one of the bigger bedrooms.

They are 12,10 and 7, so currently this feels okay to have all three sharing a room, plus none of them want to sleep in a room by themselves! But this does mean there is very limited space in their bedroom. They did have a bunk bed to save space but have now turned that into a double bed. Most of the space in the bedroom is taken up with beds! With the dismantling of the bunk bed we now have lots of empty wall space to fill and very little floor space to put anything else.

I am keen to decorate the room to make it brighter and a nice space to spend time, here are lots of ways to decorate a room with limited floor space and what I am doing or thinking of doing.

ways to decorate a room with limited floor space

Decorate the walls with Pictures

There are currently two big areas of wall space that need something on them. I am thinking three large pictures, chosen by each boy that means something to them. Posterlounge has the biggest choice of artwork, each picture is available in many sizes and in many different formats.

I find the search bar the best way to find images that we love. We typed in BMX, football and monkey, favourite picture themes for each of my boys. We searched through the many images and they chose what they like the most.

Ways to decorate a room with limited floor space

Once you have selected the picture you can then chose from many different sizes, from small up to really large. There is a handy image showing the size of each measurement next to a sofa so that you can get perspective of the size. Next you have a vast choice of types of picture. You can choose from premium poster, canvas, foam backed, wood backed, acrylic or aluminium backed. This is ultimate customisation of pictures.

Ways to decorate a room with limited floor space

Delivery is currently free with the code happy, until the end of January 2020, and you have 30 days to return the pictures if anything is wrong.

Here is what we have selected, and I have gone for canvas for all three of the pictures. I know they do not match each other in terms of the picture, but it is what each boy loves so has a lot of meaning. And at least there are all the same type of canvas picture!

Ways to decorate a room with limited floor space



Add a shelf or three

Another great idea for maximising the wall space is to create some shelving areas. A great place to store the many piles of books we have and a perfect place to display football trophies and maybe memento from holidays.

I really love the design shown here with lots of different types of shelving some flush to the wall and others in the corners. You can mix up what goes on the shelves with some decorative things and some functional things.

Ways to decorate a room with limited floor space

Hang decorations from the ceiling

Or what about hanging things from the ceiling? I found these incredible hanging tissue paper garlands that would look amazing draped from one wall to the other! I found these on Etsy where there are tons of colour options!

Ways to decorate a room with limited floor space


Of course, the lighting in every room is an important design decision and I will always recommend having a dimmer switch in the bedroom. Or even a colour changing light bulb to change the mood as you see fit.

Getting an interesting lighting feature will really make a difference to a children’s room. Here are a few funky options I have found both for the main ceiling light and lights for the walls.

Move the wardrobe to a different room

As well as the beds in the room there is also a wardrobe. It might be good idea to free up space and move this into another room? It takes up so much space and really isn’t used for anything about from storing clothes, even then most of the clothes are in the chest of drawers or left on the floor.

Think logically about a bedroom when there is limited space, don’t waste the space with an item of furniture that is rarely used.

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