No Bull Fitness Opens New Gym in Pin Green Stevenage

No Bull Fitness Pin Green Stevenage

Are you sick of the traditional chain gyms that all look and feel the same with the same equipment, that endless stream of treadmills and bad showers?  It’s time for something new in Stevenage. The owners of Not Bull fitness have expanded. They have moved on from their Bennington barn conversion to a large two-story building to No Bull Fitness in Pin Green Stevenage!

No Bull Fitness Opens New Gym in Pin Green Stevenage

I have been having personal training sessions with Kane since May 2017 and my body has changed pretty dramatically in this time. For more information on how its been going check out this post. I have one session a week and then do my own thing with exercise for the rest of the week (normally lots of walking, yoga or a run). Every week we do something different which is so good for my muscles. I ache after every session for a few days, this can only be a good sign that what we are doing is working.

The move to the new location takes bravery and courage from Kane, Louis and Alex but they have done it. The new gym opened its doors on Saturday 7th October. It was a busy day with lots of people having tours and signing up for membership. Monthly membership is just £35 per month so is super affordable.

What’s in the gym

I filmed a tour of the gym which you can watch here.

The downstairs of the gym is a whole host of strength and conditioning equipment. There are lots of squat racks with safety bars so training can be done by yourself. There are leg machines, lots of free weights, two weightlifting areas.

I prefer the upstairs area of the gym, I love the bright openness with big windows. All of the cardiovascular equipment is upstairs. There are three rowing machines, a skier machine, 2 treadmills and 2 bikes. The treadmills and bikes are both self powered, your momentum gets them going. I tried out the treadmill last week and wow it’s different to a normal one. You really need to use consistent steps to maintain a pace and it take a it of getting used to. It’s much harder work than a normal treadmill, after 5 minutes I was exhausted.

You also have the green astro/felt area upstairs with weights that you push up and down and the ropes.

The changing rooms are upstairs too, nice and spacious with lovely brand new fitted showers and spare toiletries if you have forgotten anything. Nice touch.

Get yourself over to Nobull fitness for a tour and sign up to a new you.


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