Monday Money #69 Home Hair Dye & Free Facials

It was really nice to get back to a quiet week last week, a week of reflection and lots of football. DJ is now 3 weeks into secondary school and its as if he has never known anything different. They quickly worked out his sporting ability so he has made it into the A-team for rugby, basketball and middle distance athletics. And the complex logistical life of sports for Dylan gets a little bit more complex!

Here are my money saving ideas and methods from this week.

Home Hair Dye

Saturday night was full of excitement here. I dyed my hair. I have finally got this art sorted and can now successfully dye my hair and make it look as good as if a hairdresser did it. Huge cost saving here! I need to dye my hair every 4 weeks, yes those greys come through very quickly.

I use Garnier Nutrisse colour, always on offer in Superdrug at 2 packets for £9. This time I used 6.60 red and got a very vibrant firey red colour, with full root coverage. You very simply mix the colour with the developer and cover your hair in the dye (being careful not to get it everywhere). Spend some time massaging it into your roots and through to the ends of your hair, maybe 5 minutes. And then leave the colour to take. I leave mine for 25 minutes. 

Home Hair Dye

Then wash out, simple. The result is glossy soft hair in amazing condition. The colour always leaves my hair looking vibrant. Here is the before and after picture.

Swimming Pool

We are an active family, always out and about doing sporty things. Its often football, but not for Jack, as we cant get him into the team that he wants to play for, waiting lists grrrr. But he does swimming so we often go to Hitchin pool swimming. Its a total bargain at £11 for one adult and three children. They also have a loyalty scheme where you get a free visit for every 10 visits to the pool. I love seeing how Jack is progressing at swimming. Totally self-taught on holidays and with me in pools! He is now up to 10m swimming front crawl by himself.

An alternative option for car insurance

I wrote a piece this week on a new type of car insurance. It is an exciting and potentially money saving option for those of us who do low milage in our cars. Car insurance where you pay according to the amount of miles that you do. I tried it out and got a quote and if I did low miles the premium was much cheaper.

And apparently half of us do very few miles in our cars, definitely an option to look into. Read more here.

House is on the Market

The biggest news from this week is that our house is on the market. So I have the joyful task of keeping the house spotless for viewings. You can take a look at the house details here, if you fancy a nosey. And please pass it onto anyone looking for a family home in Knebworth.

Moving house is an expensive thing that I would rather avoid if at all possible, but money has to be freed from the property and this is the only way. The selling fee to the estate agent is a chunk of money in the selling costs, always be prepared to negotiate on that hard. You can get the selling fee way down below 1%.

The fear

Maybe linked to the above selling of the house, but The Fear has reared its ugly head this week. The fear processing situations from the past and the fear thinking about situations in the future. I have also written about ways of processing the fear. My coping mechanisms to help me cope better and more positively.

Read my post here.

Free facial and make up

Did you know that you can get a free facial at the Origins counter in John Lewis? You can!! I had an anti-aging facial this week and it was amazing. And then the lovely girls from Bobbi Brown did my make up and gifted me a free mascara sample. All 100% for free. I think I look pretty refreshed in this picture.

After origins facial


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