Monday Money #184 ALL the bills hit at once

Why does it always happen like this? I know I’m not the only one who has (it feels like) every big bill hit at the same time. This is exactly the time when my emergency fund comes into action to pay for the semi-unexpected costs these past few weeks.

The Hot Water and Boiler is Clinging On

I had a phone call with my plumber who recommended a few simple things to get my hot water going again. It worked, but for how long? So far this hasn’t cost me anything but he has warned that it could go any day. Big bill expected there.

Car Service and MOT

I totally missed this one and forgot that my car needed an MOT and service. Bad planning from me. Luckily my neighbour is a brilliant mechanic and also does MOTs. He was able to take my car on Tuesday do both and it cost me just £231. A big chunk of money, but a great price for an MOT and full service.

Trees in Garden

After three years its time to get the tress cut back at the end of my garden, especially as my neighbour has asked to get them cut back so the sunshine can get through to her garden. Now is the time to get it done before the leaves and blossom shoot. I found a local tree guy who quoted me £300. I have no idea if this is good, but he is a local trusted tree/garden guy and its three years of tree growth!

Car and House Insurance

Both my car and house insurance are both up for renewal shortly. My house insurance quote is the same as last year, at £140, I have done some research on comparison sites and this remains a good price, so I am letting that one auto renewal.

My car insurance is with By Miles, a pay as you go insurance company. I pay a small amount upfront and then the rest is 3.1p per mile that I drive. This IS a cheaper way to insure your car if you do 8000 miles per year or less. I have just been sent my annual summary and I spent £426 on my pay as you go insurance last year, this compares to the £450 quotes that I had for the more traditional insurances.

I really like By Miles, the insurance cover is great ( I had a no fault claim last year, and their customer service was amazing, my car was fixed within a few days) and it encourages me to think more about the miles I do. Can I save by going on the train instead?

For my new policy I pay £160 upfront and then a monthly charge of 3.1p x the miles I do. There is a cap of 150 miles per day as well. Check out By Miles here.

Any Other Big Costs

Probably! Who knows what March will bring in the way of surprise household costs.

Last week alone cost me £600. A combination of car costs, much more expensive fuel, grocery shopping and some eating out with the boys.

My Article for The Mirror

This week I wrote for The Mirror about brand switching and shared my favourite supermarket brand swops that save us lot on the weekly supermarket shop. I also shared the products that my boys refuse to switch away from the big brands with. Well worth a read, if only for the cheesy pictures of me!

Thanks for reading as ever. And here’s to March and warmer, longer days!


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