Monday Money #183 Secrets to Saving Money Live!

Last week was the first time in two years that I got out to real life in person live event! We were excited for the crowds, (or the trickle) of people who made it to a theatre in Birmingham in the storms to see Jordon Cox, AKA Britain’s Coupon kids and I talk money saving.

Jordon put on a great show, he is a natural at speaking to an audience and I wanted to share here some his, and my favourite apps/website for saving money in the supermarket. Yes there are loads of ways to get cheap or even free food.

Too Good to Go

This is a great app for getting food from restaurants/takeaways near by that was otherwise going to waste. Bundles of food are highly discounted and will be going out of date that day. You log into the app, and reserve yourself a bag of food and go collect at the allotted time. I can currently see Starbucks, Costa, Greggs, BP M&S all available for later today. A great way to get a £3/£4 bag of goodies in for tea time or lunch for tomorrow!


Use this app to compare the prices of good across all supermarkets and source your products from the cheapest place.

Bread & Wheat

I love this service and have used it several times. Get a box of bread products direct from the factory to your house. Your box will contain loads of bread, wraps, ciabatta, pitta bread, crumpets all well within date. Its bakery products that have been made but not sent out to retailers. Here is a referral code to save you £1 off your first box.

Shopmium and Green Jinn

Gone are the days of snipping vouchers from magazines to save money in shops, now you use apps, Shopmium and Green Jinn are great ones. Log in to see what offers are available on anything you fancy, normally new products that suppliers are keen for you to try. Today there is an offer on BOL power shakes that you can try for £1. Buy as normal, scan in the receipt and get your money back for the offer via the app.

A Great Week for Lower Spending but big Annual Bills Coming

I had a fairly quiet social week so spending was lower than usual yeah! I spent just £340, which was made up of groceries, some fuel, eating out. It is Feb/March which means two months without council tax..but bad news for lots of other bills. I have big expenses coming up.

My car needs to be MOT’s and serviced. Luckily my wonderful neighbour is doing this for me, and the car is still only 4 years old, it should not be costing loads. I also need to renew my car and home insurance, both of which I pay in full. My car insurance I pay a chunk up front, around £160, then the rest is pay as you go. Oh, and my hot water is playing up, so I am expecting a bill there when my plumber fixes it. Thats probably £600 right there in those few things I need to pay for in the next couple of weeks. More than wipes out my £300 council tax savings.

Three Budget Boosting Recipes – New Article for The Mirror

This week for my column I shared my three favourite money saving recipes to feed the family, including my wonderful roasted vegetable soup. A big hit with me, the family and my neighbours!

Winter Blues – Exercise and Yoga

I am trying my best to beat the Winter Blues with lots of visits to the gym. I love my yoga classes but I tried something new this week. Combat Hiit. It was hard, but it made Saturday an endorphin filled day! And I braved the gym Boditrax scales to assess my winter blues weight gain. 1.5kg including the week in Spain with excessive booze and bread, not too bad!

Is the exercise working to beat the blues? Some day it is some days it isn’t. I am desperate for it to warm up and for more positivity to flow back into my life.

My gym is currently free! And its a nice one. I am mystery shopping the gym for Pro Insight. If you want to sign up as a shopper head here.


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