Monday Money #137 Lockdown Diaries Week 5 – Shocking Week of Expenses

There is no sugar coating this week, it was a very high spending week. The first week of every month is always a shocking week of expenses with most of my monthly bills requiring payment on the 1st of the month. I pay myself on the last day of each month and then most of it goes on the next day!

But before I talk through my expenses I want to share my media week as I did lots! I was on BBC Radio 3 Counties talking about klarna and other buy now pay later firms and again later in the week on BBC Radio London talking about saving energy and the importance of switching.

There was was lots of news this week about rising energy costs and the energy price cap increasing and there are many way to beat this cap. I also wrote this post sharing many ways to save energy costs.

I was in the Newspapers as well. I provided comments for this article about talking to your children about stocks and shares and investing. And then again in The Sun, sharing some of my frugal tips at home.

Week 5 of Lockdown

A big week for Bills

£1,550 was paid in household bills on 1st Feb. These include my mortgage making up the most of it at £1,236. I have a big mortgage, at the best deal I can possibly get. I re-mortgaged last year and got an amazing 1.6% deal. If you are nearing the end of your mortgage deal or are paying standard variable rate it is totally worth speaking to your lender or going to an independent broker to see if you can save money. If you are on the standard variable rate I can assure you that you will save money! I used Trussle’s as my broker last year and hugely recommend them. This is my refer a friend link where we both get £100 Amazon vouchers if your mortgage is successfully switched.

I also paid for Energy at £92, but just about to go up to £102, again the best deal available with Octopus Energy. Council Tax at £150, annoyingly I thought February was my non payment month, but no these are March and April. There was also income protection insurance at £34, TV Licence at £13 and Water Bill at £22. There was also a £80 payment for a bed that I bought last year on a 12 year interest free credit deal. This is very nearly repaid.

Car Costs

All my car costs hit this week, including a PCP loan payment at £174, Car Tax at £12 and Car Insurance at £3. I have seven months of PCP loan payments left before the contract ends. I can then pay off the full balance and keep the car. This will be around £9,000. I am deciding at the moment whether to use saving to pay off that balance in full. This would leave me with a £174 saving each month and owning my car outright. My car insurance is pay as you go, and with minimal driving this month my bill is very low.

I also paid £34.99 for a car battery jump starter as my car is having issues. The battery dying every few days requiring a jump start. I am sure this is covered with the warranty as the car is still less than three years old, on my to-do list.

Business Costs

Again a fairly big week for business costs mainly due to my annual subscription for CIMA, my accountancy body being paid at £297. I debate every year whether I should cancel this. But you never know I may one day return to the accountancy world to work. At least its tax deductible.

Smaller costs were paid to Microsoft and Libsyn for software and podcast monthly subscriptions. In am pleased to report that I have found out how to save on my monthly book-keeping costs with FreeAgent. These were £31 per month. Now nothing after I opened a business account with Mettle (Natwest). I will use it for a few business transactions each month (you only need to use it for one transaction) and that monthly costs goes! Result.

Other Costs

There was £86 spent on groceries and £28 on one Deliveroo Takeaway. Plus a bit of fun money on a lovely candle from a friend who has just set up a new business and some auto-savings to Plum of £22.

Total Spend of £2,352!

This all comes to £2,352. A big week for spending but most of my big expenses have now been paid for the month.

Lockdown Boredom

Its been a pretty challenging week with lockdown boredom. Am really feeling like its never-ending. The daily walks help, but I am awaiting sunshine and being able to sit in my garden.

For a bit of amusement watch this video I filmed with Faith and Compare the Market Pre-Lockdown. Open Banking was the subject of an air horn quiz, its so funny and I had to be bloopered!

This post contains affiliate links where I will receive a small fee if you decide to become a customer, in no affecting the price you pay, and mostly you get a bonus too! The Compare the Market video is a sponsored post.


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