Ultimate Tips for Saving Money on Your Energy Bill

There was bad news today for our energy bills. OFGEM have announced that the price cap for standard energy bills is going up. A typical household will expect to see their energy bill rise by £96 per year. to £1,138 per year. Its the perfect time to share my ultimate tips for saving money on your energy bill.

There are two types of action you can take. Firstly you can spend five minutes checking that you are on the best value energy tariff with your electricity and gas provider. Secondly you can make some changes to your energy consumption to reduce usage and save money. Or just do both and save two ways.

Do an Energy Bill Comparison

The very first thing I say to all my readers asking about saving money on their energy bill is to do a comparison. Check that they have the best deal possible for your electricity and gas.

I have recently just done this comparison and discovered that my current provider Octopus Energy was still the best value for money. Their CEO Greg Jackson was on BBC News today talking about his displeasure of the increase in the energy cap, he didn’t see it necessary. Energy companies should be doing more to support their customers. They need to offer better value for money and help the two million that are current in arrears for their bills.

I absolutely recommend Octopus energy to all my readers and have done for four years now. Head over to Octopus and see if they can save you money. All you need is your latest bill, pop in your name, address, current provider and tariff along with your usage or spend. Octopus will then let you know if you save money. If you do decide to switch and save we will BOTH get a £50 credit to our bills.

If you want to do a full market comparison go website such as Uswitch or Money Saving Expert. Pop in the same details from your bill and you will be given a list of all the companies and tariffs available to you.

Some Top Energy Saving Tips from Energy Saving Trust

Here are some energy saving tips that you might not have thought about before, with amounts of money you could save!!

  • You can save £30 per year by switching off appliances at the wall. Standby mode costs you money!
  • Get everyone in the house to spend 1 minute less in the shower saving you energy. If you have a water meter it will save you water costs as well. This will save £80 for a 4-person family.
  • Use a washing up bowl rather than using a running tap and save £25 per year.
  • Turning down your thermostat by just one degree will save you £80 per year.
  • Only fill your kettle with the amount of water you need and save yourself £7 per year.

If you do all 5 things, which are not that difficult, you will save yourself £222 per year. Not bad at all!!

Do both of these suggestions and the saving could be huge. I often get emails from readers saying they have saved £50 per month, or £600 per year switching their energy. The five to ten minutes of effort of comparing your bills is really worth it.

As stated if you click on my Octopus refer a friend link I will get a £50 credit to my bill, and SO WILL YOU. I try to set up referral deals with companies that I recommend where you the reader gets a reward as well as me for referring you. If you do switch your energy, hugest thank you for helping me to pay my mortgage!


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