Interesting ways to save energy and money on your bills you may not have thought of.

You’re switching lights off when you leave the room, and you’ve banished the “stand-by” button in your home, you’ve lowered the temperature on the thermostat, and everyone is wearing a couple of extra layers. The lengths we’ll go to, to reduce our energy bills and energy consumption are tried and tested. And while they can make a difference, if you want to increase your savings and reduce your energy use, you might want to try these interesting ways to save energy and save on your bills that you may not have thought of.

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Switch to LED bulbs

Your home is probably filled with traditional energy-saving bulbs. But, did you know there is a better option? LED bulbs have revolutionised the way we illuminate our homes and take care of the planet. With the same brightness output as your traditional bulbs, by using E27 LED bulbs you can reduce your energy output and style your home to the highest standard. LEDs require less energy to power and waste less than 5% of energy expelling heat, making them much more energy-efficient than traditional energy-saving options. Available in a wide range of bulb shapes and designs, you can update your home with a modern lighting solution or enjoy a traditional shaped bulb and style but with 21st century efficiency – making them a win-win every time! 

Defrosting your food

If you’ve gotten into the habit of pre-making meals and freezing them for later, then that’s great! But, by failing to defrost them fully before cooking, you’ll be using excessive energy to re-heat your food. Make sure you’re planning your meals ahead and defrost your meals well in advance.

Wash at a cooler temperature

Most of the energy used to power our washing machines is used by heating the water. By opting for a cooler temperature, you’ll use less energy and reduce your bills over time. You’re also less likely to shrink your clothes and help them to last longer. If you’re worried about bacteria, add an anti-bacterial solution to your laundry for peace of mind.

Update your appliances

You might think that hanging onto those old appliances is much better for the environment, but the amount of additional energy it costs to power these outdated appliances is a double-edged sword. By updating your most-used appliances to A+++ models, you’ll save money on running costs.

Say goodbye to your tumble dryer

The energy used to power your tumble dryer could be a major contributor to your rising energy costs, so now that Spring and warmer weather is approaching, consider line-drying your clothes and linens outdoors. Avoid drying items on radiators, as this prevents warm air from escaping adequately, and can lead to issues with condensation and damp in your home.

And finally, keep up to date with the latest energy-saving schemes

Energy-saving schemes and their eligibility criteria are always changing. So, keep up to date with the latest schemes and offers to see how you can reduce your energy use and your bills.


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