Monday Money #138 Lockdown Spending Diaries Week 6 – Fun Spending

And its half term, breathe! These past few weeks since 2021 started have been tough. It feels like a great time to stop and reflect on getting through this third lockdown, home schooling and all.

I’ve not coped well with 2021 an have turned to my old favourite of eating a lot of rubbish food. I have totally tried to eat healthily with my Mindful Chef meals but when you add in cookies, biscuits and cakes all the good work falls apart. I have put on weight and I desperately need to get back on track, when the time is right. Just wanted to say to all those struggling out there, I hear you, I’m there with you.

But I did get out to my Tree of Life in the snow

Week 6 Lockdown Spending Diaries

Fun Money

I am going to start my spending diary update with fun money and a couple of impulse or emotional spending purchases I made this week. Mostly booze related! The Craft Gin club has been following me around the internet for month now and I finally gave in and am trying them for a trial month (must remember to cancel the monthly subscription after I get my first gin box!). The first month was £28 on a 30% offer plus I saved an additional 10% by clicking through to the gin club via my TopCashback account. (This is an affiliate link) Don’t you just love a double discount?! It arrives early March, I will let you know what its like and if its worth the £25.20 that I paid for it.

I also did an online order for Aldi booze. Totally unnecessary and was an absolute emotional purchase. So I now have 6 bottles of wine and gin in my booze cupboard. With no one else here to drink it with me. This cost £47.

I did a H&M clothes order for my youngest who was in desperate need of new clothes and at the same time I got myself a new dress, just £15.99 with 20% off using my H&M Club discount. My total fun spends were £101.

Family Spends

There was spending on the family, on essentials and fun. The afore mentioned clothes for my youngest cost £67. Plus my eldest was after a new keyboard, mostly paid for from his remaining Christmas money, I contributed £13 towards it.

We also got a tie dye kit for come creative fun (An Amazon Affiliate Link) with amazing results and rented Thor from Amazon! Total Family spends was £96.

Groceries, Take Aways and Bills

I lost control somewhat of the grocery spends this week, spending £129, my biggest spending week this year. Yes there was a lot of luxury unhealthy food in there (um 12 krispy kreme donuts). There was one takeaway for £26 Fish n Chips. And bills this week included broadband, mobile phone, Netflix and Life insurance £106.

My mobile phone bill will shortly drop as I come to end of a contract on my smart watch. This has cost me £16 per month for the last two years, total waste of money for something I basically use to count my steps or track the occasional run!!

Total Spend for the Week

My total spend for the week was £488, I need to at least half this for half term week, at least I don’t need to spend any money on booze for a long time! I made one auto save as well to Plum, my balance is now sat at nearly £600!! And a tiny bit of Facebook advertising business expenses.

Have a great half term everyone, enjoy the no home schooling!!


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