Monday Money #129 Christmas Shopping and My First Christmas Dinner

With just 2 1/2 more weeks left until Christmas its definitely time to get properly organised and sort out all of my Christmas presents and eat Christmas Dinner Number 1. This year I am really trying to support small local business and buy as much as possible from them. I was VERY excited to find the most perfect pressie for my Penzance family members in a beautiful little shop called Treat Yo Self in Hitchin. I can’t share what I bought for fear of them reading this but its the best present ever!

Supporting small business will likely mean you spend a bit more more money, but they do need it after being shut for so long this year.

Spend £10 save £5 with American Express

This small business offer is back again where you save £5 on a minimum £10 transaction in participating small business shops. You can use this offer ten times in ten different shops, once in each shop. Check out the American Express website to see the local small businesses near you that are taking part.

Price Drop on My Book on Amazon

I have reduced the price of The Money Guide to Transform Your Life on Amazon, now just £12.99. This is for December only, my gift to you.

Christmas Dinner No 1 – Toby Carvery

Yeah to restaurants being open again and we went for the most amazing carvery roast dinner at Toby Carvery. The boys love this place and we had the most amazing roast turkey and beef. I went for the Christmas dinner option as I like to have as many as possible before the big day!

It was just £40 for three of us to have huge plates of roast dinner with refillable drinks (yes the boys made the most of that option!) and dessert for Jack. What I really liked about Toby Carvery was that we were called up to the food serving carvery station with no queues. It was very civilised. Highly recommended.

There is some turkey in there somewhere!!

Podcast recommendation

I love my podcasts and was really pleased to see the Louis Theroux Grounded Podcast is back this week for season two. This podcast started during the first lockdown. He really does get the best guests and has the most natural interviewing style leading to the most interesting of conversations. I urge you to check it our on BBC Sounds or your podcast app of choice.

Refer a Friend Offers

I love a refer a friend offer. If I use a product or service and love what it does to help me, save me money or save me time I want to share it with my friends and readers on here! I shared all my favourite offers in this post that went live last week. It can mean extra income of a few hundred pounds, go check it out to see if these offers are ones you can use, or sign up to then recommend the product or service to your friends.

A refer a friend offer is win win as it means both you and your friend get a bonus. The Octopus Energy offer is a classic example, if you switch to them we both get £50 credit to our bills. Not only will you be saving money with a great energy company you also get a bonus for joining! Wonderful!

25 Christmas Money Saving Tips Written for The Mirror

I had a piece published online and in the print version of The Mirror last week on 25 money saving tips. It went out on 1st Dec, with a tip for every day, check it out to see if there any tips you can learn and save some cash.


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