Monday Money #128 Great Coffee and More Walking

Welcome back to Monday Money I hope that you have had a good week, we are nearly at the end of lockdown! Of course we then move into the new tier system. I am tier 2 here in Hertfordshire, I really feel for everyone in tier 3 where the restrictions feel pretty much like lockdown.

I for one cannot wait to get out for dinner and support my local businesses with some Christmas Shopping. The family have agreed to keep Christmas gifts small this year, but I intend to keep that spend with local small business. None of us have lots of money to spare so its worth having the conversation about gifts and budgets to save money this year.

End of Month paying myself

At the end of every month I have ritual of doing my mini accounts and paying myself. I am self employed so have to do all of this myself. I firstly transfer enough money into my current account to pay my bills and credit card payments in full. All of my everyday day spending goes onto credit cards (for consumer protection and control) and they are paid in full each month.

I have enough money in my emergency savings now so any money left is split between my pension and my S&S ISA. I also put money aside for tax, income tax is payable in January 2021 and corporation tax is payable in September 2021.

Amazing Decaf Coffee (gifted)

Today I am doing my accounts whilst drinking my very lovely new coffee sent to me by Rave Coffee. They kindly sent me a packet of gifted decaf cafetiere coffee and i can honestly say I love it. I have been drinking a cup every morning since I received it. I have used a cheeky little cheat with this tea leaf strainer for the ground coffee as the cafetiere was too big!

It tastes like really good coffee from a fancy coffee shop, not the chains, a proper coffee shop. I am loving it and will be re-ordering when I have finished the bag. Take a look at their website and why not order a bag to try yourself.

Contact Lenses

The ONLY thing I bought this black Friday was 6 months worth of contact lenses. Oh the excitement. Vision Direct sent me an email offering me 10% off and it was something that I needed to buy anyway. Vision Direct are really good for contact lenses BTW if you are thinking of switching. I was paying £18 a month with Specsavers but now pay £60 for 6 months of lenses with them. Just pop in your prescription from your last eye test.

I am still looking for a deal on the Nintendo Switch, if you see any for less than £280 out there please let me know!

Country Walks and Podcasts

I did lots of country walks last week and was loving the contrast of the weather. Going for a long walk really does make a difference every day to mental health and productivity. I have a loop near me with sheep, the cutest piglets and horses. I walk and listen to podcasts, my favourites are Homo Sapiens, Scummy Mummies, Table Manners and the one and only Brene Brown.

Check Energy Usage and Direct Debit

Its worth checking your energy usage and if it matches your direct debit. My direct debit is £92 per month, I knew this was too much in the summer months but now its winter it is still too much. My November spend even with heating on was £75. For me its simple email to Octopus energy to get my direct debit reduced.

Whilst we are on the subject of energy also just take 5 mins to do a check to see if Octopus will save you money. If they save you money and you decide to switch we BOTH get a £50 credit to our bills. A nice bonus that should hit early 2021, a lovely post Christmas gift!

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