How Refer a friend offers can make you hundreds of pounds

Refer a friend offers

Do you love certain services or products so much that you recommend them to your friends and family all the time? Did you know you can be paid for this recommendation? Here are my favourite, refer a friend offers can make you hundreds of pounds.

I make no secret that many of the services I recommend that save me money, and that will save you money too are refer-a-friend links. This means that I make some money if you choose to sign up and most of the time you get a bonus for signing up too.

How Refer a friend offers can make you hundreds of pounds

You can then share the love and recommend them to your friends and family and make yourself hundreds of pounds. All these offers are open to everyone, not just a blogger like me with a large audience.

Here are my favourite offers, all info is correct as at Feb 2020, but I will update every few months if anything changes.


I love my cashback and will never make an online purchase without checking Topcashback first to see what additional discount I can get. All my broadband switches, car insurance, holidays even pizza orders start off with a search on the Top Cash Back website to see what extra discount is available.

It is no brainer recommendation, and everybody should have an account for all that extra discount and free money, so my recommendation is often clicked on and my readers sign up.

The recommend a friend offer changes all the time but it is often £20 for me to refer a sign up and then a £5 voucher to the person who has signed up. Win-win.

The refer a friend payment takes a while to be paid out as it is reliant on the new person signing up generating £10 cash back of their own, but they mostly do. The money then becomes payable in your cash back account and you are free to transfer it straight out to your bank or into vouchers where you can an extra few % bonus depending on the retailer.

Refer 5 friends in a year, you will probably make yourself around £100. Here is my refer a friend link if you need to set up an account.

Refer a friend offers can make you hundreds of pounds

Octopus Energy

My favourite energy company Octopus, whom I have been a customer of for three years. Great value energy, renewable tariffs and the best customer service. What is there not to recommend?!

The refer a friend offer is a good one, if your friend decides to switch you both get £50 each! This £50 comes in the form of a credit to your account, so you absolutely need to be a customer. When you have a few referral credits built up in your account you can transfer the balance out to your bank account.

Refer a friend offers can make you hundreds of pounds

Octopus make a big deal of their refer-a-friend offer and you will see you code quoted on all communication.
A huge proportion of the UK are paying too much for their energy so recommending your friends to switch will save them money on their monthly bill plus they get a £50 credit to their bill. A lovely welcome.

Check to see if you can get a great energy deal as customer here using my refer a friend code, then once you are a customer use your own refer-a-friend code to make yourself come extra money.

Refer five people in a year to make an extra £250.


My favourite Pension company with a difference has another brilliant referral scheme. PensionBee have successfully shaken up the Pensions market with an innovative product where you can consolidate all the previous employment pension pots. Get a clear view of how much pension money you have and watch it grow over time in a low fees fund. And the best bit is that you can add to the pension as and when you choose. Pay in nothing one month or pay in £1000 in another month when you have more money.

Refer a friend offers can make you hundreds of pounds

I have been working with PensionBee as an ambassador for many years now and have much content on my site and indeed have my £75k pension pot safely held with them, so I always recommend them as a great Pension company.

Here is my refer a friend link, if you sign up, we BOTH get a £50 credit to our pension pots. Once you are signed up you can then spread the love and get your friends to sign up and then you will both benefit from £50 each going into your pension pot.

Send 2 of your friends to PensionBee to consolidate their pension pots and earn yourself an extra £100 into your pension.

Mindful Chef

Food recipe boxes always all have great referral deals, I have tried them all and am currently getting Mindful Chef Recipe boxes every week. And I LOVE them. The food is lovely, restaurant quality and packed full of goodness.

Every meal has several vegetables in it, my dinner last night of Tofu had loads of tasty carrots and broccoli. There are loads of incredible vegan and vegetarian dishes, I have been cutting out a lot of meat this year so have been trying them all and they are so tasty. I’ve not missed meat one bit.

Refer a friend offers can make you hundreds of pounds

There are plenty of meat options too, each week you can choose from around 20 different meals, or you can just let Mindful Chef make a selection.

The referral offer here gives your friend a 25% discount from their first 4 boxes and gives you a £10 account credit to go towards future meal boxes!

So, refer maybe 5 friends in a year and get £50 worth of food!

Refer a friend offers can make you hundreds of pounds

Trussle Mortgage Broker

I have recently just agreed a re-mortgage with Trussle Mortgage Brokers. they have been incredibly helpful with helping with this process, made more complex due to my self=employed status. I highly recommend them to everyone whom is needing to re-mortgage. They provided me with all of the information I needed and made the process as easy and simple as possible. And I got the money I needed.

If you recommend them to a friend the offer is £100 each in Amazon vouchers. A really great referral deal. Here is the link if you need to re-mortgage, my refer a friend code.

Just recommend them once to make an extra £100, perfect to save for birthday and Christmas pressies!

There you have it, my five favourite refer a friend offers, and a way of earning yourself a few extra hundred pounds a year depending on how many friends sign up.

Obviously, all the links in here are my refer a friend links so I will make the money as shared in this post. Thank you if you do sign up, and I would love to hear back from you how much money you make from sharing the love and the money saving ideas.

Also share if you have other great refer a friend offers that you rate highly and recommend to your friends.


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