Monday Money #11 – Aldi Camping Gear & Spending Less Money!

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Monday Money #11 – Aldi Camping Gear & Spending Less Money!

Every time I type that header I always think of the Duran Duran song New Moon on Monday. And what a lovely surprise to see Duran Duran night on BBC4 on Friday night, such a great documentary if you are a fan plotting their success from late 70s to now! Catch it on iPlayer.

I have had a calm week! YES, I haven’t run myself ragged and I have achieved a lot. The spa weekend I went on last weekend had quite a profound effect. Spending 48 hours with a best friend who has been through everything with you is significant. Visiting Glastonbury was a significant experience and I must go back. But that 24 hours we had in that spa were magical. And my week after that took on a whole different meaning.

My First Sunday Times Appearance

Yes, I have made it! I was in the Sunday Times Magazine on 1st July. A beautiful picture of the boys and I, just the 800 pictures taken for them to choose this one! This feature was in collaboration with Smart Energy GB and was an article all about my spending diary and what all the appliances cost in the house over a week. I will write a version of for my website when allowed:-)

Sunday Times Mrs Mummypenny

Radio Show Recording

Tuesday is always radio show day. I can use the office as my base for the day and get some work done in a different environment which is lovely. Last week Kerrie Rycroft was the guest. Kerrie has been helping me with turning some of my beautiful content into courses and passive income. The radio show was amazing and airs Tuesday 3rd July at 11am on SG1 radio. The music was amazing, and the talk was so inspiring. Kerrie has an incredible story.

Aldi Camping Gear

Wednesday Writing

I wrote four blog posts on Wednesday!! Check me out. Some posts written to be published at later dates and some deadlines on content for other publications. The post coming that I have written for PensionBee is amazing. I am super proud of it and can’t wait to share it when it goes live. I am slowly catching up with my content commitments.

Thursday driving around Cambridgeshire

I did very little Mrs Mummypenny work on Thursday as it was a day full of being out and about. I started with an appointment at Lister hospital for Dylan, who is now signed off. His knee ligaments are better, hurrah and we were seen and out within 30 minutes. Which meant just £3 parking and no visit to the hospital shop for treats.

Aldi Camping Gear

I dashed Dylan back to school then headed to Royston MacDonald’s to use their power, Wi-Fi and flat white coffee supply. I spend £3.80 on two hours of office space. Next stop was Newmarket for a counselling session. Then I hot-footed over to Ely to visit Emma Drew in her new office space. Total goals here. She has a lovely big office space with plenty of space for her sourcing business as well as her business of content, courses and products. Did you know I learnt everything I know about affiliate marketing from her?

I managed to spend very little, except for maybe 100 miles worth of petrol.

Aldi Camping Gear is Ace

Aldi sent us some AMAZING camping gear to try out. We have a back pack gazebo that was mega easy to put up, even I could do it, its £39.99. Plus 2 childrens tents, panda and dinosaur, £14.99 each. And a blow up chair, £12.99. The boys were in heaven when they opened it up. I always leave the Aldi packages until they get home from school! The hammock in shot was sent two years ago but costs £39.99. I HIGHLY recommend a hammock for every garden in the UK. Its so comfy, I sleep in it sometimes. In fact when camping at Standon Calling I slept in it. All available in store now, or online here.

Tattoo Day Arrives

Finally, after two years of thinking about it I acted and had my tattoo done. I first wrote about it on my 40 things before 40 list, published yes two years ago. But I had to wait for the right person to do it. Having a tattoo done is such a personal thing I wanted to use the right person that came highly recommended. Matt at Whiskey & Ink in Finedon was the perfect person. I met his wife and my bright lippy friend Marie for coffee one day in the city and she fixed it all up.

Here is the tattoo, just after it had been finished. It hurt a little, in parts a lot, like the colouring in. But I am hard, I’ve had three babies after all. And I love it, I really love it. A full post coming soon but do check out Matt on Instagram for his designs, I highly recommend him for being gentle, his artistry and his management of me whilst it was being done.

Spent a few hours today getting this done. The brilliant Matt Smale turned my google picture, imagination and drawing into art. A brilliant tattoo artist, located near kettering/wellingborough. And thankyou @marie.smale for talking to me to try to take the pain away🤣😂 The red dahlia is the flower that surrounded my parents garden in the height of the summer. They both loved these flowers. And my boys names in my handwriting. This is on my upper left ribs. It hurt. A bit. At points alot. But nothing unbearable. I have had 3 girls can do pain. Another 40 things before 40 done. (Aged 41) . . . . . . #40thingsbefore40 #tattoo #tattoodone #reddahlia #whiskeyandink #northamptonshire #finedon #tattoos #tattooideas #tattooist #tattoomodels #tattoo #ink #inked #tattooart #tattooed #inkedgirls #worldfamousink #tattoodesign #inkedup #tattoostudio #inkedgirl #tattooflash #tattoowork #nobllood

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BBQ with friends

A Sunday sunny bbq with friends is the best way spend a weekend. I drove which meant no drinking, a good thing currently. I was fed and watered with my god-daughters special non-alcoholic cocktail all afternoon. The meat was lovely, even my cremated burger. And we laughed a lot. The children had an amazing time of course, playing table tennis and spending hours on the water slide.  And we left with a swimming pool that they didn’t want. Now full up with water in our garden.

Mrs Mummypenny turns five.

Finally, it was my birthday, my blog birthday! Mrs Mummypenny turns five and its exactly three years since leaving EE and working on Mrs Mummypenny full time. I wrote this rather brilliant post sharing what I am proud of and what I have learnt (not cash flow management).

In terms of spending I had a great week, spending just £55. Boom, this is good! Oh apart from end of month invoices for my team needing to be paid;-)

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