A Social Media Scheduling Tool that REALLY works – Socialbee

A Social Media Scheduling Tool that REALLY works – Socialbee

Do you subscribe to Appsumo? I was sat in a coffee meeting with Pete, the founder of Bean two years ago who told me to go check it out. It offers great deals on exciting new tech products and you can get a huge lifetime discount. This was how I found SocialBee. Read on for what I love about it, and how it can help simplify your social media, save you time and increase your blog traffic and social media numbers. And a special discount code can be found at the end of the post:-) Keep reading!

Until 6 months ago I was doing everything manually. Yes, manual posting to all of my social channels, which meant that it wasn’t being actioned with much consistency. I would always post on my Facebook main page and Instagram (most days), but Twitter would go untouched for a few days at a time and I had Facebook groups that were very unloved.

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SocialBee Fixed my Social Scheduling

SocialBee promised to fix all of this for me. The lifetime deal on Appsumo was pretty amazing. I snapped it and got going with creating my pool of content to filter out on social media. I was also very excited to have found another service with the word Bee in it!! PensionBee, SocialBee. Any other Bee companies out there, do contact me!!

First step was to link up my Facebook page, groups, Twitter and LinkedIn. The easiest part! I then set up a post schedule for the content. Twitter is something like 4 times a day, LinkedIn is once a week.

The next step was to add my content to my curated pool. I followed this process. I took a download of all of my content from my website with titles and URL’s and did a blog audit. Next I worked out what was evergreen content and added that into my curated feed post by post. For each post I ticked if it was to go to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook or all of them. Over time this pool of content grows and grows as each new piece of content if evergreen goes in there.

My Content is Scheduled

I now have 200 pieces of content constantly being pumped out over my social channels as appropriate. I like how content goes to out on Twitter. My followers are increasing and my traffic also as a result.

I have specifically chosen content to go into my Facebook Groups when the content is right. I have cherry picked the content to go out via my LinkedIn. Basically only SME/business update posts. I just let it run with no intervention from me. Once a post has gone out it goes to bottom of queue and will be posted again when it comes around.

All of the content that goes on my site is also tweeted out via the RSS feed. Perfect as I was manually setting up Hootsuite to do this.

Social Media Growth

I have been experimenting with the social growth tools. Which are incredibly simple to navigate. For Twitter it tells you your unfollowers whom you follow, so just unfollow as you see fit at a click of a button. To gain new followers you can search for followers of an account similar to yours and just follow the accounts that look interesting. And they hopefully follow you back. Simples.

The keyword tool is amazing, you just type in say personal finance and it searches for all sorts of interesting Twitter folk with personal finance mentioned in their bio! Follow like-minded people and hopefully they follow you back.

What does it cost and Discount code:-)

The appsumo deal ended long ago, BUT I do have an exclusive offer for Mrs Mummypenny readers. I have a code that will mean you save a huge 20% off your monthly subscription. This means you can get each of the monthly packages that start from $29 month less a 20% discount. Just use the code MRSMUMMYPENNY20 at the voucher code section of the sign up. Just hop on over and sign up here.

Disclosure – Please note that this is an affiliate post and I will receive a small commission for each sale. This in no way affects what you pay. Thank you for making the purchase. I appreciate it.



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