The Good and the Bad of Amazon Prime

TV and music streaming is big business as is Amazon Prime.  But read on as I share the good and the bad of Amazon Prime.

Do you have a Netflix/NowTV subscription, a Spotify subscription and regularly pay for postage and packaging when you buy online? If yes, then you are most likely paying a shed of money per year.

The Cost of TV/Music Streaming

Netflix standard is £7.99 per month (£87.89 per year)..including first month free. The music subscription service such as Spotify is going to cost you £92.88 (3 months at 99p, and then 9.99 per month). And maybe you spend £30 per year on postage costs?

The Good and the Bad - Amazon Prime


All that adds up to £211 (based on Netflix, Spotify & £30 P&P). This is a lot of money…you can save a lot getting Amazon Prime instead.

Amazon prime includes Amazon video, so TV/Film streaming on your smart TV or on the go. It also includes Amazon music, latest releases and older music, playlists and radio stations. A selection of Amazon eBooks. And you also get tons of Amazon prime products for free next day delivery, even same day in some areas.

Amazon Prime – The Good

    • It has got to be the cost at £79 for all of the above mentioned services (with the first month free..its way cheaper than paying for Netflix and Spotify separately.
    • I love the next day and free postage delivery options. I have always hated paying for entire life, so this is a good bonus for me.
    • You can use it to get 20% off your nappies…if you are loyal to Pampers get them here. Cheaper than Tesco/Asda etc. Although I would recommend you go to Aldi and get the Mamia nappies. MUCH cheaper and just as good, if not better.
    • The kids will be fine with Amazon film/TV. Its got all the greats, Paddington, Frozen, Lego Movie. Everything is awesome.
    • You get free cloud storage for your photos. Handy if like me, your dropbox has expired, and refuse to pay for cloud storage.
    • You get access to lightning deals 30 minutes before non prime folk.
    • You can get free books!

    Amazon Prime – The Bad

      • Amazon music is not the best. I have had Deezer (for free when I worked at EE) but I am not paying the huge cost for music streaming. Its missing lots of artists, but if I am desperate to listen to something..I’ll go to Youtube and Vevo or at last resort will buy the album. I did buy Prince’s Greatest Hits on the day he died for £8.99. However I am often surprised to see new artists on there with their albums like Coldplay or Adele. I suppose its whatever the record companies allow/want to promote. I am not hugely fussed by having to have access to all the music in the world so it works for me.
      • You end up spending more at Amazon. And this is the commercial model behind Amazon Prime. They can afford to offer it all to you for £79 per year as you are more likely to switch your online spend to Amazon. Lets take a look at my spend over the past year, £260 on all sorts of things that I maybe would have bought from elsewhere. Christmas pressies, football gear for boys, Prince download, a SAD lamp. I don’t think this is a bad thing as Amazon is generally cheaper than other retailers.
      • Amazon Film, it gets boring after a while, after you have watched the stuff you wanted to watch. But you know what, it is great for the kids. Sky Movies is of course better with more recent releases included..but costs an absolute fortune.
      • When your friends find out you have prime they ask you to buy stuff to save on the postage! I have bought a lot of things for the boys football club!

    So there you go..the good and the bad will mostly apply to you if you have a family and are keen on getting a good deal, so if you are interested click here and sign up..first month is free..what have you got to lose. Sign up and give it a try and see if you like it.



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  1. Hi Lynn. Amazon is also very good for returns. Just print off a label and drop at the post office (or other locker location). A very simple process.

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