5 Frugal Things post 46 Weekend Treats and SAD

5 Frugal Things post 46 Weekend Treats and SAD

The No spend month of September continues. No spending is tough. Really hard. Not going to lie. But I am getting creative with ways of doing stuff or getting things without spending money.

By the way no spend does not include travel to work or groceries!

A day in London

I find I am much happier when I spend time in various places, so I like to get into London one day a week. This week I went in on Tuesday to meet a fellow blogger and writer Helen Foster for lunch. And then went to meet fellow money writer Damien Fahy for a catch up coffee. Reaching out and meeting people face to face makes my business life so much more bearable. Helen and I discussed her many books, including a 100,000 best seller. She write all sorts of health books such as Quit alcohol (for a month) which I am doing this month, and many diet and fitness books.

Damien runs Money to the Masses and it an all round helpful person when it comes to business advice. His website has been running for around eight years and has mastered the art of being a being a key influencer in the finance world. I value his guidance and advice hugely. Check out this site, its packed full of the best information.

I managed to spend just £29, on the train, two tube trips and smashed avacado on rye bread with an americano.

Vitamin D3 to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

I have really felt the days closing in this week with the onset of Autumn. The mornings have been cold, but I have walked the school run every day. I suffer every year with seasonal affective disorder and I am determined to beat it this year. I invested this week in a supply of strong Vitamin D3 3000 strength tablets. There was a credit on my Amazon account and this covered the cost of the tablets. I bought these ones, 365 tablets for £9.95. I can feel a difference already.

Here are my happy pills to beat the darkening days and seasonal affective disorder. Do you suffer? What can you recommend to help beat the SAD days? Thank you Emma Drew for the recco of these vitamin d3 3000 strength pills from Amazon. (Paid for with a credit note so were free) Im hopeful they will work. Today was great as it was sunny. And I took a trip into London. #grateful to the universe today. I saw an advert in the tube station. And when I came out to open air there was an email from said brand inviting me to their event next week. #3positivethings 1) Fab lunch with Helen foster talking health/books/publishing/agents. Really insightful convo 2) catch up with Damien who inspires as per usual to keep climbing up the mountain 3) 2 posts written whilst out and 4 quizzes submitted to client. Boom. . . . . . . #sad #seasonalaffectivedisorder #winterblues #darkdays #depression #vitamind #lawofattraction #loa #gratitude #dailygratitude #thankful #positivity #lawofattractionquote #moneysaving #frugal #ukblogger #ukbloggerlife #ukmoneyblogger #bloggingyourwaytoriches #vitamind3 #universe #climbtgatmountain #inspiration

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I have also invested (a few months ago) in a daylight bulb for my office. The light is incredible in there and is really motivating and gives a happy feeling. This costs just £6.49 at the moment.

A Spa Day

I spend Friday at the Verulamium spa in St. Albans given to me by Buyagift. I met the team from Buyagift at one of the Christmas in July events I attended and we had a great chat about what Christmas posts I was intending to write. They very kindly sent me this to try out as an option for one of my Christmas posts. I took my friend Anita who then covered all the food and drink during the day as a (very) late birthday present. The only money spent on Friday was £5 for the car parking for the day.

5 frugal things post 46

Friday night treats for the family

No spend month also means no takeaways which we have stuck to, but we did head to Co-op on Friday night for some treats. Jack got his beloved kinder egg and the boys got cookie dough ice cream. Yeah to be being on offer at 50% off, so we got two tubs!

24 Hours to myself

Hubby has taken the boys to his parents this weekend and has left me with the house to myself for 24 hours. I did pay a little visit to M&S and got myself a pad thai and come white chocolate biscuits rather than blow out on a takeaway. I am having a Netflix marathon, with recommendations from my trusty followers on Twitter. Sunday morning, I have a place at a free yoga class where there is teacher training.

I did a little bit of internet browsing in my 24 hours and found a fab new website Lyst with lots of beautiful reduced designer goodies. I am looking for a new warm scarf and I found this beautiful Kirk Geiger number. Reduced from 360 to £19. Bargain, an option for October when I am back to being able to spend money again.

I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky.

5 frugal things post 46


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4 Responses

  1. Lynn, good for you for going the month without spending! I could probably do it a week, but a whole month?!? I think not. Sorry to hear that you suffer from SAD, and I’m glad the daylight bulb helps you to cope. Your spa day and 24 hours to yourself (YAYYY! for Netflix binging) sounds like just what you needed!

  2. Lynn, I too battle SAD living in Michigan, a lot of cloudy days, very little sunlight in the winter months. I take Vit D all year round to help this and getting out even though it is cold helps me as well. We need to live closer to one another.

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