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My ‘clutter’ inbox is being bombarded with emails at the moment from every person and their dog promoting their gifts for Fathers day. Jawbone particularly annoyed me with the email subject ‘Your Dad’. I love my jawbone, I wear it every day but do not send me an email like that..I replied back saying ‘He is dead’ (he is dead, he died 20 years ago, it still affects me). Please brands think about your email campaigns and how it might upset people. Jawbone emails now go to my junk folder.

I digress but the commercialisation of Fathers Day and the like is becoming bigger and bigger every year with every company jumping on the band wagon and promoting every event from #fishnchipday (last week) to Halloween on steroids and Christmas, well I think we might be heading American style levels of promotion this year. Oh today is #nationalginday this is fine and completely acceptable. I will drink gin and I will tweet it too to encourage free gin my way;-) And to be honest I am fine with Halloween as its a great excuse for a party. #enoughMMP

My view is to celebrate these days but with something maybe homemade, or a gift that your dad really wants/needs. Do not spend the earth and get him a £100 Jawbone..actually you can do if you want but click on this link and get one off Amazon and save yourself a small fortune – £35.65 and available on Amazon Prime next day delivery;-)

Pinterest Ideas for Fathers Day

So my recommendation is to have a look at my Fathers Day Pinterest Board. Pinterest really is the perfect place for crafty gift ideas. Here are a few pictures of my favourite ideas, full credit to the people who have shared them. Josh chose a few as 9-6-16 Tool Box Fathers Daywell, he is the creative one after all.

Josh has decided to make this toolbox for hubby, a brilliant idea from diyready

And I really like these ideas..I can’t seem to find the owner of the ladder card to credit as its just a image on Pinterest (do not do that peeps make sure everything you post on Pinterest links back to your website!). The mug is from iheartartsncrafts, we all know sharpie pens do not come off stuff (bedroom wall) and the sweetie letter is from b-inspiredmama. I adore the sweetie letter and am definitely going to make it with the kids. Really is so simple.

9-6-16 Ladder card Fathers Day 9-6-16 Coloured cup fathers day9-6-16 Sweetie letter Fathers Day

Buying Gifts

So I don’t have a dad to spoil on fathers day, but if he was still around I would get him some wine gums and a few bottles of guiness/real ale. Hubby tends to get a few bottles of directors in for his dad, favourite tipple always goes down well. I think it’s a bit easier to please a man. For Vinny we have got this lot of goodies from Aldi. Shhhh dont tell him.

9-6-16 Aldi Goodies Fathers Day

From left to right you have:-

1) Electric shaver. £17.99. Hubby has been going on for ages about wanting to try an electric shaver. Perfect.

2) Phonebox bird feeder £4.99. I’m having this. I bought a bird feeder including seeds about 3 weeks ago. I love having the birds (and a squirrel) flock to the garden. We have had blue tits, great tits (lots of tits;-)), wood pigeons, blackbirds, magpies, robins. And a red kite family live near by and often circle above our house, not quite made it to the garden.

3) Gents Chronograph watch £14.99. Looks really nice and WAY more expensive than the price tag, just using the word chronograph sounds posh, who knows what it means? If Vinny doesn’t like it (very fussy man) then I’ll have it.

4) Desktop darts £6.99, the boys have already nabbed this and play it every day. I insist on playing it outside on the patio where they can do the least amount of damage as possible and have been told nowhere near the astro turf. Its not recommended at all for children so only let the kids play under supervision. We love the darts in this household.

5) Football socks £4.99. An essential gift for the man who loves football and wears socks.

Disclaimer – All Aldi gifts were given to me free of charge.


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