Positive Mindset – How Rejection can be a good thing

15-6-16 Huge lilies - rejection post

Being rejected from something GOOD is actually being redirected to something BETTER

Last Thursday was one of those days. I was up at 5:30 am and got shed loads of work done before the kids got up. I have been on a mission this past few weeks to really get Mrs Mummypenny going and reach some targets, so I was emailing brands with pitches and saying hi to contacts I have made that might be able to provide me with some paid work. Rejection was not on my mind.

MMP IS going really well and I have 100% certainly that it will become a successful business but I have a worry that the money it earns is still not enough to replace my earnings from full-time work at EE. So a few weeks ago I was contacted by a friend to say there was a part-time job going as a digital marketing procurement manager at her company. Local massive company whom I have worked for before, a long time ago.

The job was perfectly suited to my skills, I know A LOT about digital marketing (google, social, display, analytics) and I am great at negotiating. After initial rejection in the application process, due to me have an accountancy qualification rather than a procurement qualification, they changed their mind and invited me in for an interview.

The Interview

The interview was good. I got on really well with the manager and job share person. It was more of a chat to be honest and it flowed really well. I got across all the points I wanted to, ask lots of clever questions, laughed about the Tesco share price (I own some shares and have lost money). We also discussed MMP and my aims with it and how it could be a conflict of interest in terms of energy, time and desire. I assured them it would not and I would reconsider some of the existing brand relationships if they were to offer me the job. There was no way I would experience rejection.

I walked out 95% certain I had got the job. This might sound over confident but when I have a gut feeling it is normally right. So I then proceeded to spend 9 days stressing about what I would do if I got the job. MMP is busy, its way more than the 20 hours per week I suggested it took me. To run it properly and grow it, its easily a 40 hour a week job. Just yesterday I worked for 8 hours around pickups, drop offs, trips to Boots for hair dye.

I told a few people, and their views were mixed. Around half said don’t do it, my energy will be split and I would not have enough time to run MMP. The other half, the more risk averse, said take the job, its guaranteed money, but just work your hours and appreciate the pay check at the end of each month.

I was torn and I hadn’t even been offered the job. I was starting to stress about summer holidays, starting a new job just before July is not sensible, as it would have cost me a fortune in childcare. I started to stress about all the events I get invited to during the day that I wouldn’t be able to go to. My Aldi work was at risk because there was a conflict of interest with the company. But then I thought about the extra £2k or so I would be earning each month from this job. And the fact that the skills in the job were so transferable to MMP.

15-6-16 Iris purple - rejection post

The Rejection

Anyways there really is no point in stressing over something you have no control over and no idea which way a decision is going to be made and yesterday I got a call from HR, to say I had been unsuccessful in my application. I was perfect for the job and the interview had gone really well, see I was right, but it was a no because of the conflict of interest between what I write about on MMP and the company.

I tried to give my view, and argue that they were wrong with this rejection, but as I was saying it in my head I was thinking, “Don’t worry, the decision has been made for you. You don’t need this job anyway”. After a couple of minutes discussion my mind clicked and I just said “You have obviously made up your mind, so nothing I say can change it, it’s your loss, Goodbye”.

So after a bit of time raging and whatsapping my close buddies, I got over it. I did a shed load of very productive work including a brilliant post for Fathers Day, including Aldi products. I ticked off at least 7 things off my to-do list and played music very loud all day to annoy the evil next door neighbours. I love a bit of Swedish House Mafia on a sunny Thursday afternoon (surrounded by some bunnies, and it ain’t ******* Easter).

Moving forward with Belief, Confidence and Joy

At 4:30pm hubby and I cracked open a bottle of Prosecco and toasted to me making £1m within the next 5 years.

15-6-16 prosecco -rejection post

I have since written a grateful list. What do you think? Its such a great idea to do it.

15-6-16 Grateful List - Rejection post


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