Giving Back and Paying it Forward – Via Russell Brand & Grief Encounter

Giving Back and Paying it Forward

A few weeks back I got to see Russell Brand on his Re-birth tour at the Watford Colosseum. I just love Russell Brand, I have read all of his books, watched the movies, always watch him in interviews but I had never seen him live.

He was amazing, so funny, so genuine. At the interval, my friend and I got to within 1 metre of him, not quite to the front of the queue for a selfie. We got close enough to hear him talking to fans, the way he talks to people is incredible. It was like they were the most important person in the whole world. I fell in love with him a little bit more.

He spoke about all sorts of intimate, bizarre, hilarious stories but what really resonated was his giving attitude in life. He knows he is privileged with the money he has and the life he leads. Spirituality is so important to him and he believes in karma, giving back and paying it forward.

The work he did with the E15 women who were under threat of losing their homes was a perfect example. He used his celebrity and resources to promote their cause, got a media and subsequent government reaction. He helped save those women’s homes. What goes around comes around and we should all do our best to give back, be kind and help others less fortunate.

Grief Encounter – Paying it Forward

I talk about my grief, the loss of my parents and its ongoing effects regularly. If I was a child today losing my parents things would have been different. There is more help from charities and councillors and doctors. I was simply left to my own devices, resulting in a few years of chaos. I now give back by raising money for Grief Encounter regularly, I have helped them out with some social media advice and am now friends with their marketing manager Clare.

A few weeks ago, I had a few friends over for beautiful cake, made by Marianne (we are talking bake off quality), stunning stationery and chat. We were joined by my wonderful friend Julie who runs Edie & Rona, a most fabulous new stationery company. She brought her products over and we had a stationery party. Just look at my dining table. Julie will come to your house or company and do the same, drop her a line if it is something you would like to organise.

The mixture of people who came was perfect. A few ex-work buddies joined us, now running their own businesses, Kirsty from Choccie Drop, Christelle a life coach from Stellar coaching. My neighbour Lucy popped over and won the stationery bundle prize draw. Lots of local friend came over to chat and eat cake. It was such an amazing event.

We raised an incredible £145 including gift aid for Grief Encounter and had the most amazing morning. Grief encounter offers a most important counselling service, along with a helpline and email support. This money will go a long way in paying for these services, so THANK YOU to those who donated and joined us.

The donation page is still open if you want to give something back after reading this post just click here.

Paying it forward and acts of kindness

I am a believer in karma, the law of attraction and meaningful living. I do big things and simple things every day that make others feels good, which makes me feel good and the kindness flows. Just think of it as a chain reaction. Yesterday I spent the morning with Josh and his 7-year-old buddies at school. I had an amazing morning sewing puppets, chatting to the children. Turns out I’m quite good at sewing and patient with the children. It felt good to give back.

In the afternoon that kindness was immediately paid back with by a friend coming over to help tidy and sort out my office and upstairs of house. I then collected the children from school and we came home and made cakes. Whilst the cakes were baking I called up the new school that the boys will be attending when we move to our new house. I spoke the most helpful and friendly manager from the school and we chatted for 20 minutes about the admission process and the differences between an academy school and a local authority run school. She left me feeling fully informed and positive about the new school. The kindness revolves. You do something kind it will be paid back fourfold. Just imagine if you did something kind every day?

I’ll leave you with that thought x


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  1. I totally believe in karma. It costs nothing to be nice and go out of your way for someone. I spent so many years as an angry teenager / young adult, it got me nowhere and just made my unhappy. The minute I had a more positive outlook better things came by way and I fully believe that is all to do with an complete attitude overhaul. Love this post, will get it shared about!

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