The Essential list to having a baby. Everything you really need and money saving tips.

This is Jack at just 2 hours old.  Amazing is the beauty of a new born baby and the love you feel for this miracle of life.  But then reality kicks in; sleepless nights, crying and nappies.  That being said you’ll always have this amazing baby that will make all the harder days easier.  Alas having a baby can be expensive and according to Axa £5k is needed to buy all the new baby things. I’m not sure I agree though; I’ve had 3 babies, all boys granted so a bit easier when needing new things but I definitely had not spent £5k on my first child at birth.  So here is my essential list to having a baby.


Things you need & things you don’t.

Here is a list of everything you need for your first born and my top tips to help you save money.. an essential list!  I show average prices with a few recommendations plus savings with ideas on how to cut costs. And if you are buying online, always go through a cash back site such as topcashback. 

The Essential list to having a baby. Everything you really need and money saving tips.

I make it around £1,565 for all the new baby stuff at average price and £941 at the saver price. What could really increase costs is big purchases like a car (we needed a 7 seater when no 3 came along) or bigger washing machine/tumble dryer. But these are not on the essential list 🙂 

The figures.

Things you Need
Average Cost
Budget Cost
Pram/Pushchair 300 200 You could get a pram/pushchair system..costs anything from £300 up to £1500
      Of course you could go to Ebay, or do as I did.
      McClaren do brilliant sturdy but light pushchairs that lie flat.
Car Seat 100 100 Do not scrimp on this, maxi cosi is good
Isofix 120 120 Brilliant for quick fixing in car. Cant be used in car with under feet storage.
Moses Basket & Stand 70 0 I wouldn’t bother, it only lasts for 2 months max. Use your travel cot.
Travel Cot 50 50 I bought mine from an nct sale, but have bought my own comfy thick mattress
Cotbed 200 0 I used my tesco clubcard vouchers for nursery furniture. Cot bed turns into toddler bed
Mattress 100 100 Do not scrimp on this, get the best you can afford
Changing Table 150 0 I used my tesco clubcard vouchers for nursery furniture.
Changing Mat 5 5  
Top and Tail Bowl 5 1 Use a mixing bowl!
Nappies/Wipes 40 40 Stock up and buy these when you see special offers.
      Nappies cost a fortune, but you can often get 2 big boxes of 170ish nappies in Asda/Tesco for £20
      Baby Wipes you’ll need when you tire of cotton wool. Again always offers, buy 1 get 2 free etc.
Baby Bouncer/Rocker 50 20 An essential for us that baby can sit in and chill. You could buy from nct sale/ebay.
      We went for chicco, expensive but so comfy and baby would sleep in it.
Play gym 30 20 Good for baby that doesn’t sit up yet. Get one with a mirror, again could get from nct, ebay.
Baby Carrier baby Bjorn 50 50 I could not survive without this. Means you can do stuff with your free hands.
      Gets baby to sleep. Good for mum and dad.
Clothes (7 sleepsuits, 7 vests, 40 40 Don’t go mad as people will buy you pressies, mostly clothes!
muslin cloths, hats, snow suit)      
Baby Blanket 10 0 I used my blanket my mum crocheted when I was a baby 🙂
Changing Bag 30 0 You could buy a nice one, or join the boots baby club and get a free one
Bepenthanol 5 5 Nappy rash cream or there is sudocream
Feeding Bra x 2 40 40 Just use your maternity bra straight after baby born and get feeding
      bra as soon as possible after baby is born if you are breast feeding.
      Your boobs will get bigger!
Lansinhol Nipple cream 10 10 Nipple cream, to stop cracked nipples. Don’t go for any other brand.
Baby Bottles 20 20 For formula or expressed milk
Steriliser 30 30 Avent do a good starter pack with bottles included
Breast Pump 50 30 Up to you, depends if you want to solely breastfeed and pump milk so you can go out/hubby can feed baby.
      Manual or machine. I borrowed a friends machine. Quick and easy. Manual much cheaper.
Baby Monitor 50 50 Prices vary, Tomy is reasonable.
Camomilla 5 5 From health food shop, natural remedy to help calm you.
Arnica 5 5 From health food shop, natural remedy to help heal you after birth.
Total 1565 941  

Happy Shopping. Make a comment if you think I’m missing something off the essential list!


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