Aldi Baby and Toddler Event Competition

Would you like to win a bundle of Aldi goodies to celebrate the start of their fabulous Baby & Toddler event? Of course you would, but let me tell about some of the goodies you can find online from 15th April or in store from Thursday 19th April.

The star-buy in this event is this beautiful rocking chair, which sold out in less than a minute when it went on sale in Aldi Australia! The beautifully designed Accent Rocking Chair at £149.99 is perfect for bonding with your baby in a relaxing corner of the bedroom. Available in stylish grey, the Accent Rocking Chair can be converted to a modern armchair to make a beautiful addition to any living space.

Children’s Blanket with Sleeves (£7.99)

We love this cosy warm blanket perfect for the children. This is Jack wearing it who is 5, but it is big enough to fit Josh who is 8.

aldi baby and toddler

Sleepsuits and Sleeping bags

Baby sleepsuits are an essential for your little one and they are incredible value at £5.99 for 3. We used to get our sleeping bags from the grobag company and pay a lot of money, get a sleeping bag for just £8.99 in the Aldi Baby and Toddler Event.

Travelling time

One of my essential pieces of baby kit was a baby carrier, I used to carry baby everywhere with me, around the house, out and about. The baby carrier at Aldi is £13.99, bargain as I am sure my carrier cost us £70.  A spare car booster seat is also available for £11.99.

Bath Time

There is a great range of bath bits, included of course the hooded towel, £5.99, I have included on in the giveaway bundle. There is also a lovely smelling range of shampoo/conditioners in one, and one very clever anti-nit shampoo.

aldi baby and toddler

Books for baby and toddler

Jack has been trying out the pen control books to help with his handwriting and recognition of numbers, letters and shapes.

aldi baby and toddler

Other Aldi articles

I have written a fee other Aldi articles that I think you will like, here are my top 10 Aldi products that are better than their branded equivalent.

Or maybe you are on maternity leave, pregnant and are looking to save some money. This post will give you lots of ideas on where to save and make some extra money!


Aldi have sent me some goodies to offer out as a competition prize to you lovely readers.

Get this bundle of goodies, including a hooded bath towel, super soft blanket, twinkle twinkle little star book and animal finger puppets, worth £16.96. Just click on this Gleam link for lots of ways to enter and for the T’s and C’s.
Aldi Baby and Toddler Giveaway

aldi baby and toddler

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209 Responses

  1. Like the fruity shampoos that smell lovely, wipes and the baby events when great offers are on

  2. Baby wipes! I stocked up at the last event and still have like 3 packets left so excellent timing!

  3. I cant live without my amazing Babymel changing bag – I carry everything in it and take it everywhere 😀

  4. Baby wipes 🙂 I’m a Grandma now and back in the day I had a damp facecloth in a plastic bag!

  5. Could not live without the toy phone I take everywhere as a toy when in waiting rooms or shops…. he loves it and keeps him entertained everywhere!

  6. Bouncer, my daughter just about lived in it for the first few weeks after she was born. She really didn’t like to be held for any length of time. Thankfully she likes to be held now. However, she does still love her bouncer.

  7. In the early weeks I couldn’t have done without a swaddle blanket as my son was tongue tied and had to be cup fed until his snip. My most used item is my baby carrier and I’m sad that my nearly 2 year old is now so keen on walking he doesn’t want to go in it. And for bedtime I wouldn’t be without our Lumie bed bug for creating a chilled cosy atmosphere (yay for melatonin sleepiness) without being too stimulating

  8. Baby wipes are an absolute must, I use them for so much, goodness knows what I used to use for general wiping before having children.

  9. With our first child on the way later this summer this would be the perfect time to win this awesome prize!

  10. Has to be baby wipes. Would be totally lost without them. They are always at hand both at home and when out. x

  11. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  12. For us, it’s the Snugglebundl – we discovered it at a baby show, and it’s been amazing! Oscar settles really well in it, and it’s great for transferring him from us to his cot without disturbing him!

  13. Love the finger puppets – so useful in a cafe, waiting room or on a long journey for amusing the little ones!

  14. Sleeping bags for babies, my lil ones never keep a blanket on, at least this way, I know the baby is always warm as he cant kick off the slieeping bag. Best idea ever!

  15. My baby is not here yet, but I have stocked up on a lot of Muslins as this has been the biggest top tip I have had!

  16. Well my first thought was baby wipes but then everyone has put that so I’m going with my next choice – hand sanitizer – my little boy is always grubby so I wouldn’t go anywhere without it ready for when he has his food!

  17. can’t live without baby wipes, baby paracetamol, infacole and my baby girls favourite blanky

  18. obviously nappies are must but wipes and calpol are the ones that are always needed even when they are out of nappies and at nursery/school, I swear by both

  19. I couldn’t be without Aldi’s baby wipes and nappies!! With baby no2 on the way I will be needing even more too!!

  20. Like many othets it has ro be baby wipes i wont leave the house without them useful for so many things x

  21. Baby wipes are so handy and a plastic bag to put the dirty ones in so they can be taken hone to dispose of.

  22. my little man cant cope without his aldi snuggle blanket. it was a special buy when he was first born… i wish id have bought 2 now as i cant even get it off him to wash it!!

  23. My twin 13month old grandsons cannot live without the music books especially the Grand Old Duke of York one. I have one on each knee and when they press the button I start bouncing them so they keep pressing and pressing. I have to keep a drawer full of batteries to keep the book going. A couple more books would go down a treat.

  24. Sleeping bags! Ever since my son was big enough (I think minimum weight normally around 8lbs and he born at 5.5lbs), he has slept so well in a sleeping bag. I couldn’t go back to using blankets in the cot but do love them for the pram.

  25. Baby wipes are an essential – for all their spills and grubby fingers. Plus some sort of toy or activity, to keep them occupied and to avoid tantrums.

  26. Like everyone else, I think it’s wipes! Although I wouldn’t want to be without disposable nappies either!

  27. Sleeping bags. They have been a godsend because my daughter hates blankets covering her so stops her getting cold.

  28. Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter! Great for baby skin BUT great for brightening eye area, cheekbones, taming brows…

  29. Aldi Nappies are the best nappies I’ve ever used! fantastic compared to overpriced branded nappies! Mamia all the way!!

  30. Baby wipes – they’re a life-saver and can e used to wipe tears from our own face, when baby won’t stop crying 🙂

  31. I love my baby sling. It is so comfortable to wear and we both can have cuddles all the time – even when I need to tidy the kitchen!

  32. Disposable nappies for the time they save because I can remember the hours spent sanitising and soaking and scrubbing and rinsing my son’s terry nappies!

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