My Top Ten Aldi Products – As Good as the Brands They Look Like

Aldi Products as good as the brands they look like!

I have spent most of my life buying branded products. I think I was brainwashed into the advertising campaigns and deals in the supermarkets, for 20 years! But it’s time to change. It’s time to experiment with some Aldi versions of products, so close to the branded version even the packaging looks the same. I have tried and tested many products and this is my top ten Aldi products that I swear no one in our family of 5 can tell the difference.

My Top Ten Aldi Products - As Good as the Brands They Look Like by Lynn at Mrs Mummypenny UK

I have tried to pick out staple products so common that we all buy them, some are healthy, some are essential, some are snack foods. The price difference of Aldi versus Tesco is astounding. I have shown prices as of 28th Jan 2017, to show you the difference.

Jaffa Cakes

Mmmmm who doesn’t love a Jaffa Cake? We all love them in this house, although I try not to eat a whole packet in one go! The Aldi version tastes identical. I mean it, so similar. Just to prove it they never last very long in this house.

The Aldi version costs 89p for 24 cakes vs £1.00 (Tesco on special offer at the mo). Saving 11p.

Roast-in-a-bag chicken

A new discovery this one as I have always been slightly cynical of Aldi meats versus the butcher. I have never been a big fan of the meat from Tesco, my previous supermarket of choice. You cook the whole chicken in the bag it comes in and it comes out so moist and tasty. You have to give them a go. And the best thing about a whole chicken is that there is a lot of meat that should keep you going for 2 or 3 meals.

Aldi Chicken in a bag is £3.79. Tesco version £5.00. Saving £1.21

Crunchy cheddar cheese

I love cheese, and will always choose a cheese board for dessert over a sweet sugary dessert. This cheese is part of the exquisite range and it a lovely tasty, mature cheddar. Perfect on crackers with a dollop of chutney.

Aldi Price 320g £2.29 Tesco Finest Cheddar 300g £3 Saving 81p

Dishwasher tablets

People are often reticent to move away from branded cleaning products but I have been giving them all a try. My favourite are the Aldi Magnum dishwasher tablets. I have to say I think they clean better than the Finish tablets I have always bought in the past.

Aldi Price 40 tablets £3.49 Finish Quantum 45 tablets £8!! Saving £4.51

Nespresso capsules

A new discovery this one. I have had a Nespresso machine for around 3 years and have always bought the official Nespresso capsules that cost anything from 31p up to 45p. Aldi now do Nespresso compatible pods that work out at 17.9p per pod and taste so similar to me that I can’t tell the difference.

Aldi Price £1.79 for 10. Nespresso £3.10 for 10. Saving £1.31

Cat food

I have 2 cats, Trev and Purdy who love their meat pouch food. In the past, I have bought Tesco own branded pouches which normally cost £8 for 40 pouches. The Aldi meat is still wolfed down as quick as the Tesco meat, or Whiskers or whatever I try so I am happy to spend less money.

Aldi price £7 for 48 pouches vs Tesco price of £8 for 48 pouches Saving £1

Both in one Loaf

This bread is amazing and lasts for ages. I always buy 5 loafs to pop in the freezer to last for the whole 2 weeks between big shops. This is a healthy bread perfect for the children’s packed lunches and the best bit is the price

Aldi Both in one 45p. Hovis Best of Both £1. Saving 55p

Chocolate Spread

This is a tricky one this one as the boys have always loved Nutella, but how expensive is Nutella? My kids love it and it is a stable cupboard ingredient that is an essential for sandwiches and a treat on toast. The Aldi equivalent is called Nutoka and they can’t tell the difference. But my pocket can!

Aldi Nutoka 400g jar £1.29, compared to Nutella £2 on special offer. Saving 71p

Baby Wipes

I am not sure what we did before baby wipes! My youngest is now 4 and we still buy them in every shop. Useful for cleaning mess hands, wiping up spillage, wiping the kitchen side!! I don’t think we’ll ever stop buying them

Aldi Price 59p, Pampers sensitive 93p on special offer. Saving 34p

Toilet Roll

Another product that people can be funny about buying non-branded but I really like the Aldi loo roll. Its soft and what can I say, does its job.

Aldi soft toilet roll £1.99 for 9 rolls, Tesco Luxury £3.35. Saving £1.36

Every product at Aldi costs less than at Tesco, even with current special offers. If I was to add everything here together, the Aldi products come to £23.57 when the Tesco products come to £35.38, a huge saving of £11.81.

What products do you love from Aldi and swear are as good as the branded version?



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10 Responses

  1. I can’t believe there is no mention of booze! I adore their Prosecco and Sauv Blanc! Their smoked salmon is tastier than any I’ve had from other supermarkets. Their caviar face cream is amazing too. Oh and also nappies, wipes, all their biscuits / cakes / fruit & veg are just as good if not better than from other places. I am not so keen on ready made food like pizza but you can’t win it all can you.

    1. Haha, good point well made. Their prosecco is lovely..excitingly there is a new organic prosecco coming soon…I tasted it today. Its yum. I also love the sparking wine crement du jura.

  2. You are right they do have a great range of organic and gluten free for much better prices than other supermarkets.

  3. I love Aldi, its best quality and cheaper. I love the Topaz Gin tastes the same as the other blue gin. The meats are best quality free range chicken a fiver? and always coming up with gourmet ideas. The little farmhouse yoghurts, nespresso pods Best supermarket!!!

  4. I love Aldi because they have a great selection of free range and outdoor bred meat. Even their frozen party foods list free range eggs as one of the ingredients. Means I can feed my family meat without the guilt, or the obscene price tags that you find at other supermarkets!

    1. Yes!! The british meat is so good. You are right why should we pay high prices for something so good for us.

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