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Week two of the Easter Holiday this week. It has been a bit tougher to keep the boys amused than last week that seemed to whizz by. Plus its been pretty miserable most days! I made the promise that I would spend less money this week compared to last week. I have just added it up, nope I have spent the same £300, but I promise I have made some big saving there without which I probably would have spent £400. Wow Easter holidays are so expensive.


Birthday Celebrations continue

I like to long out my birthday celebrations for as long as possible and have done two things this week to celebrate mine and friends birthdays. Last weekend I had local drinks with my Knebworth girlfriends, we walked to our nearest pub, a mile walk (all the pubs have shut down in Knebworth!!) for a few drinks and a good chat. I stuck to cider most of the night which takes me an age to drink. I spent around £25 on drinks, a very cheap night out. We home tucked up in bed by 1am.

London Aquarium 2 for 1

On Wednesday night I met up in London with my university best mates for our now traditional dinner at The Angler, three years in a row now. This is a really special michelin starred restaurant specialising in fish in Moorgate. We did try to make this dinner cheaper by booking a special set menu deal, this was £38 for three courses and a glass of champagne. Of course there was extra costs of wine and gin (gin for me as I am off the wine for a bit). Also a good tip is to ensure you tell the restaurant its your birthday as they gave us all an extra dessert, we ended up having three desserts in total!

London Aquarium 2 for 1

A visit to London Aquarium

On Tuesday we headed into London for a trip to the Aquarium. We got the train and saved a few pounds using our family rail card. £17 for the four us to get into London. We tubed it over to Green Park and walked through Regents Park and St. James park to get to Westminster for the Aquarium. In my 41 years I have never walked through St.James Park.  It was beautiful. Full of spring flowers and the bird life, wow I counted maybe 30 different species of birds.


London Aquarium 2 for 1

I had already pre-printed out 2 for 1 vouchers to get into the London Aquarium, all you need to do is register on the 2for1 days out guide website and get the vouchers for free. You just show your train ticket when you buy your ticket. It should have cost £104 for the four of us but instead we got in for £52. a much better price.

I adore the aquarium, its one of my favourite places to visit by myself and with the children. I adore the turtles, the rays you can touch, the beautiful sharks, the clown fish, the jelly fish. Its amazing. And very calming. Yes it was rammed, being Easter hols, but they were doing timed tickets to restrict the amount of people inside. So we never struggled to get to the front of the tanks and see everything.

London Aquarium 2 for 1

Stationery Haul

We headed to Tesco’s on Wednesday to buy a birthday pressie for my god daughter and discovered a ton of stationery heavily reduced down in price. We got this lot for £8 rather than £28!! The coloured pens were just 19p. I bought a few bits for myself as did Dylan and Josh who are obsessed with stationery like me!

London Aquarium 2 for 1

Cake Party for Stand Up to Cancer

My friend Liz held a cake party on Wednesday to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer. She put on an amazing spread and the boys and I ate plenty so gave generously to the charity. Whilst there I met one of Liz’s friends whom interviewed me for a job two years ago at Tesco. Two years ago I had serious jitters about Mrs Mummypenny. I needed to make a certain amount of money (to like pay the mortgage!) and it wasnt doing this consistenty. So I applied for a marketing job. I didnt get the job. Lauren shared on Wesnesday they could see my passion lied in my business and that I was going to make it success so I was turned down for the job. Shortly after then Mrs Mummypenny stared earning what I needed it too. Faith, have faith.

London Aquarium 2 for 1

De-cluttering and selling a ton of stuff on eBay and Facebook

Josh has been super helpful this week (before breaking his finger on Wednesday, bad break arm in plaster) and has found 20 things to sell. We are going to take pictures and sell them on eBay and Facebook. Plus two designer handbags will go on designer exchange, hopefully for a really good sale fee.

Josh has found 20 things to sell. He’s helping me to take pictures and list them on eBay and Facebook. For helping out he gets 10%. Teach Em young. A little quiz..what do you think we will make out of this lot? Leave comments below. Few clues it does include a few big ticket items. There is a genuine Dior bowling bag in there plus a Louis Vuitton baguette bag. A hedge trimmer. 2 new labels on coats. Bubble bum seat. Roller skates. Go on give me your best guess resale profit. . . . . . . . . #resaletherapy #upscaleresale #resaleshop #luxuryresale #womensresale #childrensresale #resale #resalerocks #makingmoney #ebayreselling #declutter #tidymindtidylife #makemoney #facebookselling #sellingdesigner #designerresale #profitfromclutter #savingforholiday #ukmoneybloggers #ukwomenmoney

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