Decluttering my house and making money with Zapper

Make Money with Zapper

I have a confession, I have an issue with clutter. Here are a few pictures to demonstrate. The corner of our living room is constantly full of toys. I tried to arrange neatly in boxes, but it just seems to multiply!  Here how I’ve managed to declutter my house and make money as I go!

Decluttering my house and making money with Zapper

The month of January is my month to declutter as much as possible. Yesterday I spent a few hours with my friend Emma Drew, of fame who is quite the expert on making money and selling stuff. We went through the cupboard under the stairs full to the point of breaking with stuff, also a pile of clutter that I had collected upstairs. We separated the items into an EBay, Facebook, charity, dump pile.



So today I start going through the pile of stuff and I am starting with the easiest task of the books, imagine my joy when I found a fab app, Zapper where you simply scan in the barcode of an item, and they give you a value of the item. Keep scanning and scanning, watch the total increase, package up the items, send it off and get cash in return!! Yes please.


11-1-17-zapper-book-haulThere are a few apps you can use but I like Zapper for its simplicity to set up and the value of goods. Take this pile of cookery books set for the dump…worth £7!! I did check on another couple of apps and the value was nowhere near.

Computer Games

Next in line for things to scan is old computer games from the boys, the ones they don’t play anymore. I have a huge pile of them upstairs to go through.

CD’s & DVD’s

You can also scan old CD’s and DVD’s. Most people I know have shelves of DVD’s, do you really need the physical copy there now that we have most things available on Amazon Prime, Netflix or Sky?

Mobiles & Electronics

Also, available to send to Zapper is old mobiles and electronics. I wonder how many old phones, tablets, laptops, computer consoles there are in the bottom of draws or hidden under the stairs in the pile of clutter like I had. Have a look and check on this site to see what they are worth.

This really is perfect solution for January where we all need some extra cash to help with the Christmas bills. And we can all do with a bit of a declutter, can’t we?

I am really happy with my haul of stuff to send off to Zapper, it’s come to £30 and much less stuff cluttering up the house.

This was a collaborative post with Zapper.


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