5 Frugal Things Post 12 – Making Extra Money for January

5 Frugal Things Post 12

Its been a few weeks since I last posted my regular 5 Frugal Things. Christmas happened, New Year happened and 5 Frugal Things didn’t happen! So I have a few things stored up from the past few weeks to make 5 Frugal things post 12 a good one.

A huge priority at the moment is to bring in as much cash as possible. I am really keen to get ahead of myself in terms of earning and build up as big a safety fund as possible. I feel a lot more comfortable mentally if I know that I have a stash of at least 3 months worth of cash, preferably 6 months then I feel better and happier. This is really important for this time of the year when I really struggle from a mental point of view.


11-1-17-zapper-book-haulI discovered this tool this week for scanning books, DVD’s, CD’s and, games, old mobiles and electronics and making some money from their value. I had a pile of book that was destined for the bin, but after scanning I found they were worth £7. Great news so I am now de-cluttering the house and realising the value in things that were not being used or ready to be thrown away. I wrote about it here.

20 Cogs

Another money making tool. This is a website that you sign up to and you work your way through 20 offers and make some money for each offer you sign up to. The things you sign up are questionnaire websites, trials for products (that you can cancel when the free trial period ends). I have completed 14 offers, just 6 more to go then I will be able to transfer the cash I have earned to my bank account. So far I am up to £140 so it will hopefully be more than £200 when I get through all the offers. If you are interested use this link to sign up yourself and earn £200 for yourself.

Amazon Tickets

13-1-17 5-frugal-things-post-12-theatreLast week the 2 older boys and I went to the theatre to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Going to theatre at any time other than Children,s Week (August time) is expensive. Not since I discovered Amazon Tickets. We got 3 tickets to the matinee performance for £40 each. Believe me this is a great price for the theatre which normally costs maybe double this on a popular day. Okay we were high up, in the balcony section but fairly near the front of the section and in the middle. I highly recommend getting your theatre tickets from here to save some money.

Happiness Planner

13-1-17 5-frugal-things-post-12-happiness-plannerA new year requires a planner and I ordered my happiness planner slightly late, which arrived this week. Now planners are not the cheapest of products especially the happiness planners, so I did a quick internet search for voucher codes and hurrah found a 10% off code. This is brilliant planner which I love and they currently have a great sale on loads of planners so take a look a the website. I bought the 52 weeks planner for £30.

Using up beauty product’s

I am making a real effort this January to not buy any new beauty products and ensuring that all old products are used up before buying anything new. This included everything from shampoo to shower gel to conditioner to toothpaste. I tend to always buy new stuff so often have half used bottles. I think I can get to at least March without spending any money on new products. Its feels good to save as well as de-clutter.

Do you have any fantastic money making ideas for the new year that others could benefit from, why not leave a comment here and help others reading this post?

I’m joining in with the #5frugalthings blog linky. If you’d like to join, or just want to check out other thrifty suggestions, hop on over to visit Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family, Becky at Family Budgeting and Emma at Emma’s Savvy Savings


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  1. Loads of tips I hadn’t heard of here! I’m definitely going to have a look at Amazon tickets and 20 cogs. I’m also trying to use up products before buying new ones at the moment. I always used to stockpile but our cupboards are getting so cluttered. It’s interesting how long things can last when you really try to get everything out of the bottle!

    1. Most people I tell about Amazon tickets havnt heard of it!! Great for some bargain theatre. And deffo have a go at 20cogs..Im desperate to get to my 20 cogs..to release my £200!!

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