How to Declutter your House and Make Money with Emma Drew

How to declutter your house and make money

I have been reading Emma Drew’s blog (previously known as From Aldi to Harrods) for nearly 2 years. She was one of the first money bloggers I read and I have learnt so much from her about money making techniques for my blog and life in general. The biggest thing I gained from her blog is inspiration, that it is possible to make really great money from blogging. She is living proof of a blogger completely on her A-game who has reached the dizzy heights of £5000, £6000 of income (she shares income reports!) PER MONTH from her blog.

How to Declutter your House and Make Money with Emma Drew

During 2016 we met at various events and have always got on really well, we starting chatting over Facebook about blogging, fees and other advice. At our last event, Christmas Food tasting, in the cab on the way back to Kings Cross we struck gold with a You Tube idea. Last week Emma drove over to mine and we put our plan into action.

I need to declutter!

I have a huge clutter issue (as my friend Jane will tell you all about)! I’d prepared a pile of clutter upstairs for us to go through and we also went through the dreaded cupboard under the stairs. We have filmed 2 Youtube vlogs. Under the stairs is on my channel and can be viewed here. The upstairs pile of clutter is on Emmas YouTube channel here… she is the queen of making money out of clutter!

27-1-17 Declutter and make money 11-1-17-zapper-clutter

Under The Stairs

Here are the highlights from under the stairs

  • Roller skates and protective pads. These are hardly used and heavy. Check out price on eBay then pop it on Facebook for a few pounds cheaper.
  • Footballs Boots, pop these on eBay. Branded and in good condition so should sell well.
  • Brand New Copper Picture Frames, on trend. eBay.
  • Inflatable sofa. Facebook as its heavy
  • Scan them into Zapper, Ziffit to see who will give the most money.

Upstairs Clutter

  • Designer Handbags, check out prices on eBay and sell showing receipts to prove genuine
  • Skiwear with tags on, sell on eBay as a bundle
  • Ted Baker clothes, sell individually on eBay with lots of pictures
  • Printer, difficult to sell, give away!
  • Keyboard, another diffiucult one to sell, giveaway
  • Unopened coffee machine, big and heavy so sell on local Facebook page. I did sell it but then buyer changed mind.
  • Unopened bedding, duvets and protector sheets, try local Facebook or donate to local refuge whom always need bits like this.

Declutter Progress

21-1-17 5-frugal-thingsThe selling plan has been put into action, so far I have listed the ski wear as a bundle item on eBay and one of the designer bags. I am properly nervous about selling designer bags on eBay as I would hate to get £10 for a bag that cost me £500 originally. So I have listed a Louis Vuitton Wallet original cost of £355 with a £50 starting price. The sale ends on Sunday and I have already had bids of up to £55. I am hoping for at least £100. I’ll be happy with that.

Top Ten Selling Tips from Emma

  1. If the item is heavy put it on a local Facebook page rather than eBay
  2. Use lots of photos on eBay to show off the item and any imperfections.
  3. Printers are hard to sell, best to just give them away
  4. Clothes work well on eBay in small bundles
  5. Try to set you price so you can offer free postage
  6. Branded clothes and plus sized clothes sell really well on eBay.
  7. Sell designer paper bags that products have come in. A prada paper bag will sell for around £8, yes really!!
  8. You can sell make up boxes and packaging on eBay too. Save up your MAC boxes and sell in bulk.
  9. Think about gifting toys to a local toddler group or pre-school.
  10. Likewise with clothes/curtain/home wear maybe there is a local shelter/refuge that would benefit from them.

We had a great few hours going through my clutter and already Emma has helped me to make £70 so far. You have to go check out our You Tube videos, we had such a laugh making them.

You can read more from Emma at her website and why not give her a follow on social media too. Here is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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