Introducing Money Life Live – A day of financial resolutions

Financial Resolutions with Adam Piplica

Here is a guest post from Adam Piplica of the website Magical Penny. Adam is a fellow money blogger who I have had the pleasure to work with on a few campaigns and have met in person several times. He has the interesting story of starting off as a personal finance blogger and is now training to become a financial planner.

He is running a fantastic 1 day Money Life Live being held this Saturday 14th January in York. Are you interested? Then read on.

New Year, New You?

It’s the start of a new year and many are using the turning of the calendar to make new year resolutions and plans for 2017 and beyond. Planning and making resolutions are a bit like babies. They are fun to make but more of a handful and sometimes an annoyance to keep! (are you nodding your head right now, parents?)

When the excitement of a new year begins to wear off, you will need something more substantive to sustain you in your new quest. You will need a strong vision followed by an actionable, non-overwhelming plan.

It can be hard to keep all the various plates spinning in a busy household and sometimes finances and budgets can be knocked off track unexpectedly. However, if you have a strong vision of where you want to be in the future it can be easier to get back on track after setbacks.

Have you got a strong vision of your future?

What is your vision for the future?

Asking a child what they want to be when they grow up is a common question. Perhaps some adults ask it to get inspiration for their own lives! And quite right too, as it’s not just a question for children. Everyone can benefit from some introspection every now and then.  It can be all too easy to stop looking towards the blue sky of the future when we’re wading through the sometimes-muddy-waters of life. But if you take some time out to dream, you might be surprised with what you come up with and see how your life can change and develop in beneficial and meaningful ways.

It starts with having a clear vision for your future. Give yourself permission to dream this January, and write down some of your ideas and visions for the future. It’s much easier to get to where you want when you know what it looks like. Make it crystal clear but know that it doesn’t have to be 100% right first time.

Introducing Money Life LIVE

So who am I to tell you this? I’m Adam Piplica, a former market research executive who, after looking at lots of numbers every day, took some time to reflect on what numbers mattered the most, and decided to move into the career of financial planning – helping people find clarity in their own financial numbers and how they can translate to their life goals.

I’ve decided to host an event to educate and inspire you; to help you take some time to identify where you are at in life and what you might want for the future. Even if you are happy with your life right now, you might not know what you are missing out on in your financial infrastructure.

The event aims in 1 day to help you gain clarity on what matters in your life, and learn how to optimise your financial life, together with a community committed to creating a life they dreamed.

The speakers who have agreed to speak are fantastic and include professional financial planners will be covering other personal finance topics ranging from debt and savings, to investing and financial wellbeing, and also ways to earn more.

You’ll leave with some great ideas, and inspiration to put things into action, for the benefit of your entire family.

Money Life LIVE is a full-day life-changing event happening in central York on Saturday 14th January 2017. Can you come? For more information and tickets visit:



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