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Maria Nedeva of The Money Principle

I am excited to share this post. Maria is one of the ‘original’ UK money bloggers, she has been blogging since 2011. She is known for speaking her mind and is often asked to speak at events with her unique style always going  down a storm with the audience. A big part of Maria’s story was the huge amount of debt that she had to deal with and how that debt was paid off. She is now quite the expert on investment and making money. She is also the author of Never Bet on Red: How to pay off debt fast and live debt free forever.

This is How We Paid Off £100,000 Consumer Debt in Three Years

Hi. My name is Maria and I have been debt free since February 2013.

I know.

Sounds like an introduction at an ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ meeting, doesn’t it? It is supposed to: I believe, that in our consumerist societies, debt has become one more addiction.

Don’t believe me? Fine, let me ask you something:

How much consumer debt do you have and how long have you had it?

Chances are that you have had consumer debt most of your adult life and, as many others do, have come to see it as a normal part of your existence.

Don’t blame you. You are certainly not alone in regarding consumer debt as your life-time companion. Heck, even I fell into the ‘credit’ trap and I should have known better (being born and raised in Eastern Europe where consumer debt has always been frowned upon).

Not blaming you doesn’t mean that I agree with you. Quite the reverse: I am a firm believer in paying off consumer debt and staying debt free forever. Some, including Lynn, are already making large strides paying off their credit card debt.

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    1. Such a great story isnt it, very grateful to Maria for sharing it with me. And I love love love her writing style.

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