Most Profitable eBay sales – These are amazing!

Most Profitable eBay sales

I love hearing about amazing profits made from eBay sales. A £100 profit from that charity shop find that cost just £2. Those stories are the best! But I have never managed to do it myself. I have sold my fair share of clothes, every 6 months or so I go through a de-clutter and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit anymore. But I just don’t have the eye for spotting finds in a charity shop and then reselling. The picture at the top of this article is everything I need to sell, have I sold it yet?? No of course not!

I run a super popular Facebook group for bloggers called Blogging Your Way To Riches, (named so after the book I wrote, on how to make money out of blogging!!) and I asked in there who had made amazing profits from eBay sales. Just take a look at what people have sold and what money they have made!

A Kate Middleton dress!!

I love this one from Kaya of Earnings By The Sea who bought a polka dot Topshop dress for £0.50p at a bootfair and sold it for £120 on eBay as Kate Middleton had been wearing the same dress. What a profit!

Label Printer

A great example of taking advantage of a glitch from Emma Drew here. Dymo had a deal in 2017 where you bought 7 packs of labels and got a free label printer. You could do the offer 3 times. Emma bought the cheapest labels, got her  3 printers. Each printer sold for around £140. Impressive.

A Rare Computer Game

Cora from the Mini Millionaire found this super rare computer game. She had no idea at the time but it was worth a couple of hundred and paid just £2.50! People on YT were very impressed – and clearly knew more than we did about the game.

Toilet Rolls!

Michelle from Time and Pence sells Loo rolls. Her  7 year old saves up our empties and she sells them for him on eBay at £8 per 100. Not a huge amount of money but pure profit and free toy money!

Broken Jewellery

El from El Feelgoods Vintage was doing a clear out and wanted to get rid of a few pieces of broken vintage jewellery given to her by a friend. Sold them on Ebay and made £75! They were broken pieces of jewellery folks. There are times I just don’t understand why people buy things!!

A 35mm Russian Camera

Vicky from Mumma and Her Monsters  sold a really old 35mm Russian camera for £25. It was bought for £1.50 from a charity shop, always worth it to take a look in charity shops!

A Broken Washing Machine

Faith from Much More with Less has a classic money saving tip here. The item she was most glad to sell was a broken washing machine for the princely sum of 1p. She had failed to persuade a scrap merchant to take it away, and the local council charges £39.30 for bulky item collection, she is counting that as £39.31 profit. Indeed!!

Benchtop Dishwasher

Lisa Hafey moved from Australia to England in 2004, and had to streamline what went on the journey. She had a benchtop dishwasher (which in retrospect she wishes she had brought with her), it cost about $300 Australian new. There was a bidding war on it and ended up selling it for over $500! Lisa was so happy about that!


Emma from the Money Whisperer sold her conservatory for £250. It was all profit as it was pulled down when they did their extension and saved them having to take it all to the tip!

A Steam Engine!

Sandra from Sandra in Spain was were selling stuff ready to move to Spain, 10 years ago. Her husband had a working model of a steam engine. We were advised it put it on Ebay with a reserve of £200. We were gobsmacked, as he’d paid a fraction of that more than 20 years ago. Two hours before the auction closed, it was just over the reserve, but then two people were bidding against each other and it sold for just under £450! What a great price!

What about you? Whats you best eBay profit? I would love to hear.


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