Aldi Lacura Skincare & Make Up Range: Can You Really Look Fresher or Less Wrinkly in One Day?

Aldi Lacura Skincare & Make up

I met the Aldi health and beauty team back in July and got to see the full range of Aldi Lacura skincare & makeup plus more exciting products that are coming up for the remainder of the year and for Christmas. We had a great chat about my skincare regime and the amount of money I spend on my products.

Aldi Lacura Skincare & Make Up Range: Can You Really Look Fresher or Less Wrinkly in One Day?

I am a Bobbi Brown and Lancome girl and have spent a small fortune on my make up collection. But is it worth it, how much are we all paying for the branding? Do they really make me look younger, do they really cleanse my skin properly?

So I am doing a challenge with the Aldi Skincare range. From Wednesday 24th Aug I am trialing Aldi products only for one month to see the impact on my skin. Do the products make my skin look younger, fresher, softer? Are these great value products equivalent to the much more expensive products?

I have recorded a Youtube video to show you my skin before the challenge begins, then what my skin looked like afterward. I think it looks A LOT better, take a look and see what you think.

Here are the high-end Bobbi Brown/Lancome products to the left and the Aldi Lacura Products to the right.

High End Skin Care & Make Up (Quoting John Lewis Prices)

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Tonic (£22)

Genefique Eye Cream (£40)

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisurising Cream (£65)

Genefique Serum (£80)

Night eye cream Estee Lauder (baby pot £15)

Bobbi Brown BB Cream (£29.50)

Bobbi Brown Concealer (£24)

Night moisturiser Estee Lauder (baby pot £20)

Bobbi Brown Colour correcter (£19.50)

Estee Lauder Eye Liner (£17)

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow (£17.50 each)

Bobbi Brown Mascara (£21)

Total Cost of £388…WOW is all I can say

Aldi Lacura Products

Lacura Multi Intensive Serum (£2.99)

Caviar Day Cream (£6.99)

Lacura Mineral Powder (£3.79)

Caviar Night Cream (£6.99)

Lacura Concealer (£2.99)

Expert Wrinkle Smoother (£4.99)

Lacura Eyeliner (£1.99)

Caviar Serum (£7.99)

Poundland Eyeshadow (£2)

Lacura Face Wash (£0.99)

Lacura Mascara (£2.39)

Total Cost £44.10

The Expense of Make Up

I have never before added up what I have spent on skincare and makeup and that is extremely scary. £388 just on this lot!  And I actually have way more than this at home.  Then you get the Aldi skincare and makeup costing £44!?  I am truly shocked by the difference in price here.

My thoughts on the Skincare After Day 1

As I said in my video I think my skin looks a lot better after day 1 application. It looks  (HURRAH) and more glowing. The serum I love, it smells devine, I love that it comes out black which disappears!!

28-8-16 Aldi Lacura After faceI am really looking forward to this challenge and understanding the difference between expensive and value branded makeup. I will be back again with another video in 2 weeks and again in 4 weeks. And please let me know if you think my skin looks better from the video in my comments below.

If you want to buy the products, you can from the Aldi website.

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16 Responses

  1. Fascinating blog post! Can’t wait to see how its going after a couple of weeks. I always avoid adding up my skincare costs as I know its a small fortune… I think Aldi is cruelty free too, I know most of the high street own brands are these days.

    1. Its been an interesting experiment. I am going to film the half way video tomorrow. People keep telling my skin looks good so I think its working. and my wrinkles deffo look better.

  2. I love the aldi night cream (the 1.89 version) and also use other stuff from the range…….how do I contact you for reviews etc as I’d love to swap ideas on the products

  3. I have the concealer and it is very good, but I can no longer find it in the stores or online. Does anyone no where I can find it ?

    1. It only gets sold in the make up special buy time, normally every 3 months. Ill ask the PR team and will find out for you.

  4. i am looking for the lacura make up for the last few months and cant get it anywhere is it discintiened

    1. It available in store at the moment on a special buy. It normally makes an appearance every 3 months and stick around for a few weeks.

  5. Hi i’ve just start Q10 face cream, is there an eye cream in this range? or is there a different facecream that works better for firming up ny skin.

  6. Hi! Can you please tell me the full name of the product he used on and if it’s available to buy,I have really bad dark circles for years and can’t afford expensive creams from high street . Thank you

  7. I bought Laura BB summer Glow face cream, but it isn’t in the store anymore, was it a special and will it come back .? it’s a great cream, I love it,

  8. Have Aldi any intention of bringing back their full range of eye and facial moisturiser. I have noticed over the last few months the range has shrunk considerably to what it used to be but the shelves have not been re-stocked with other products but have remained bare.

  9. Where or where can I buy Lacura BB Cream Summer glow ? I keep looking to no available. Aldi keep doing this – get people to like a product and then they discontinue it. Not good !!

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