Win a HUGE Bundle of Prizes. Including my books, stationery, candles, makeup

I have a huge giveaway to celebrate the launch of my new book – The Money Guide to Transform Your Life. And it comes at a perfect time, whilst I also celebrate 2000 members of my Private Facebook Group – Mrs Mummypenny Money Saving Tips.

Books Galore

I have three books included in the prize bundle. The first is of course my book! The Money Guide to Transform your life has been out for a month and has done so well, beyond my expectations. A simple guide to money that really will transform your life. Part 1 is about short term finance, covering areas such as money mindset, budgeting, debt, bills, food, family money saving. Part 2 is about the future, so savings, pensions, protection and investments.

The second book is the first book I published back in 2007, Blogging your Way to Riches. A book sharing how to make money from the world of blogging. The third book is a childrens meditation guide – In Your Heart. A beautiful addition to the book bundle

Make Up from Aldi Lacura

I have two gifted Aldi Lacura make up products to the bundle. The first is a smokey eyes eye shadow set. With a rose face toner. Both are beautiful products that I love, and wanted to share with you.

Yankee Candles

I have included two yankee candles in lavender and vanilla scents. One tea light and one small candle

Stationery & Crystals

There is also a notebook and rainbow pen, plus a bonus of two crystals, clear quartz and amethyst.

Use the Gleam entry below for four ways to enter including leaving your best money saving tip in the comments on this blog. The entry says to visit YouTube or Instagram but I would so love it if you followed me as well. My following on Instagram is building super well.

Book, Candle, Make Up, Stationery Bundle

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19 Responses

  1. Fantastic competition! My money saving tip would be to get green fingers and grow as much of your own good as possible. It is really easy to start with a cut and come again salad tray on the kitchen window!

  2. My best money tip would be to meal plan. It’s a great way to save money and it’s a great stress buster knowing what you have in the house to make for dinner each night 🙂

  3. My best money saving tip is to be truthful about your monthly expenses and write down every single one. The simple realization on how much you are actually spending helps you create a better budget. I.e. You may find that you are spending too much on groceries so next time your shopping list may include some of the store’s own brand to reduce spending.

  4. I’m trying really hard to save money and am finding all of these tips really useful. For the past few weeks I have been doing my good shopping online, I often go in and amend my shopping list, adding things I need and taking off things I don’t, so far I’ve been saving about £30 a week not buying random things and meal planning for the week. It really helps as I don’t need to nip into the shops and either buy things I’ve forgotten or that I don’t need x

    1. My money saving tip is to plan ahead for things like meals, to stay organized and only buy what you need so nothing goes to waste.

    2. My best budget tip is doing a meal plan and heading to the shop with a list. Always saves me buying rubbish and food that I can’t make a meal with!! I also have a small amount of money each month we can do what we please with for a few treats.

  5. My money saving tip is really a very easy one if you set aside half an hour, if that, a week. Meal plan for the whole week and just shop for those items once a week. I generally ask everyone to agree to the meals each day to ensure I don’t make multiple meals.
    Going to the supermarket more than once a week is a killer for me as all sorts jump into my trolly as I’m a sucker for any sort of bargain!! Home made pizzas using large naan bread are a winner and the toppings are customised! Home made meatballs in a chilli sauce and pasta are faves too.

  6. Do a weekly online food shop with planned meals for the week. This way, you can’t put extra things in your trolley that you don’t need.

  7. My money saving tip is to unsubscribe from every email you get from different shops and services that tempt you to spend money. Also get your name removed from mailing lists for catalogues. If you don’t know about it you won’t want it.

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