Monday Money #123 My first Key Note speech as a STEM ambassador

Last week was a very exciting and nerve-racking week for me. I did my first EVER Key Note speech to the schools of East of England as part of my role as a STEM ambassador.

STEM stands for Science, technology, Engineering and Maths, and I am in the maths camp, talking about what a great basis it was for my career. I spent 45 minutes talking virtually to schools and pupils about how maths led to a wonderful corporate career, and then onto the setting up of my own business – Mrs Mummypenny

I want to inspire teenagers, particularly girls, that maths is such a useful skill and worth pursuing through to university. I talked through my education, life and career and then answered ALOT of questions about the whys and the hows of my decisions. Of course they asked how I make money from Mrs Mummypenny!

One of the schools kindly shared this picture on Twitter.

I have lots of virtual talks booked over the next few months talking about financial wellbeing, all inspired by the release of my book The Money guide to Transform Your Life. If you are reading this and thinking that your company would benefit from my knowledge and guidance drop me an email on

Trying to Save Money on Theme Park Tickets

I set myself a challenge last week to save money on theme park tickets for a half term adventure. And failed. The boys wants to go to Thorpe Park for Fright night Halloween adventures as a birthday treat. The best I can find is 15% for booking online, so its costing £126 for three tickets. Ouch.

I tried the Kelloggs vouchers offer, not available for October. I tried asking in my Facebook group, but no one could find an offer that actually works. Times are tough for the theme parks with limited entry due to Covid rules so I guess this explains why there is no way of saving, but gutted, I’ve never been to a theme park and paid full price to get in. Hopefully the queues will be teeny with less people visiting.

A Quiet Weekend at Home Certainly Means Money Saving

I managed to spend a teeny amount of just £81 last week, on a big food shop, smaller top-up shops and a Chinese takeaway. This has to be a record week for me in terms of low spending. I did very little this weekend, except for long walks through the muddy fields, watching Boxsets (Designated Surviver and old school Skins BTW). A great way to save money, stay in and do nothing.

I was meant to be doing things but the new restrictions rules in London and Essex scuppered plans with friends.

The best £25 I spend every two weeks is on my cleaner

I shared pictures on Thursday of my lovely clean house and so many followers replied saying…we love our cleaner too! My cleaner does two hours every two weeks, and its the best £25 I can spend. I HATE cleaning and will make it the last thing on my to do list. I am extremely grateful to Kat for making my house look like this!!

Don’t forget about two competitions I am running. Big prizes

There is £100 of Amazon vouchers to be won in my This is Money and Fidelity Fantasy Share league. Just pop me an email on and Ill drop you an invite to enter my league. Chances of winning are high, there’s not many in the league!

There is a also a big bundle of books, stationery candles and make up to be won by heading over to this post and following the simple Gleam instructions.

PensionBee Billboards

I have been getting SO MANY pictures this week from friends and followers who have spotted my billboard! Keep them coming I love it. I have a new piece coming soon in collaboration with PensionBee where I have invested £1000 in four different places, my pension being one of those places. Ad am tracking the performance over time.

An exciting experiment to compare cash with investment, risk levels and different products. I cant wait to share it with you.


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