Revealed: What really changes when you have a Three month old baby

Three month old baby

Its Monday so its that time of the week for a new guest post from the most fabulous Rebecca Megson. And this time she talk about that magic time of when she had a three month old baby and the changes for the positive that she noticed. And a big whoop to things being more easier.

Over to Bec

Everyone said, ‘Just make it to three months and you’ll feel like a different woman, it’s amazing.’

What I could never get them to do – and this frustrated me – was define what specifically changed with my three month old baby and why this was such a vital change point.

Everyone is Different, but

Now, everyone is different and so your experience is likely therefore to be different to mine but here are a few changes I’ve definitely noticed since the Baba bu turned the magical three month corner…

  • She sleeps more at night and only wakes once or twice for feeds, so I feel loads more refreshed
  • I’ve been able to introduce a daytime napping schedule (and I found the advice in this article incredibly helpful) which means she’s more refreshed and I have time to do things with both arms and all my senses!
  • She is alert and interested in the world in a way that means she is occupied without needing anything from me for longer periods of time – e.g. in the baby gym, or starring at the star lightshade in our bedroom!
  • She’s also therefore happy to sit in her bouncy chair for longer periods of time whilst I do a few jobs around her chatting to her.
  • She feeds less and for shorter periods of time

I know this isn’t the case for all my mummy friends. For some the nights are still pretty broken (on the other hand their babies are more likely to go down at 7 or 8pm whereas our nightowl won’t settle to sleep much before 11pm despite any amount of bathtime/room darkening/book reading/lullabying routine).

What I do know for sure though is that we’ve all lost that wild-eyed look of terror brought on by the sense of ‘yes I’m holding it together in this particular instance but it could also all go to hell again any second’ fear.

My theory with three month old baby

My theory is that we’ve all done that most amazing and most human of things, we’ve adapted. They say it takes 90 days to embed any change you want to make in your life and having a baby join your family is a pretty big change. It stands to reason that 90 or so days in, you are starting to normalise having this chaos-inducing, sleep-stealing, heart-stoppingly-amazing creature in your life.

So if you’re not there yet, just hang on, it really does get better. And few things are certain in this life but time passing IS one of them.

You can follow Bec on Twitter and Instagram and check out her rather fabulous blog here.

Next week its ‘5 things every dad needs to know before their baby arrives’


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