Valentines Day on a budget – 5 top ideas – Free or small £ cost

Your inbox is probably the same as mine and is full of Valentines ‘offers’ that actually cost quite a bit of money. Special Valentines menus at restaurants, mini breaks, experience days. Valentines day one of the most commercial of the year! A browse around the shops today was exactly the same, champagne on offer, special valentines glasses, valentines dresses. Apparently anything can be linked to Valentines!!  So I say why not make something, do something yourself that costs a small amount of money. Surely if you want to express you love on that certain can do it in an inexpensive and meaningful way.  Here’s how to do valentines day on a budget and save a few pennies…

  1. 4-2-16 valentines eggsBake your loved ones favourite treats. Maybe some chocolate chip cookies, see a perfect 2015-05-07 19.26.13recipe here.                                                               Or what about a savoury eggs and toast treat from, spied on my regular Pinterest search.
  2. Cooking your loved one a beautiful meal is a perfect way to celebrate love. One of our favourites which always goes down well is a steak dinner, preferably Rib Eye for taste with maris piper wedges.  2 Rib Eye steaks from your local butchers will cost you around £10 to £15. Go on splurge a little on some decent local beef steak. Trussells my local butchers does the best Hertfordshire Beef. Season them well, spoil yourself and cook them in butter. Slightly pink in the middle is perfect for Rib Eye as you need to ensure the fat is properly cooked. Cut some Maris Piper potatoes into wedges, pop in a tray with some olive oil and roast for 30-40 minutes at 200. I have recently discovered a sprinkle of the nandos piri piri chip sprinkle goes lovely, sprinkle before cooking. And serve with a nice rocket salad maybe with a few shavings of parmesan cheese. I would serve with a bottle or two of Aldi New Zealand Pinot Noir. Beautiful wine at a great price of £7.99.
  3. Make a card. My hubby and I have over the years made lots of cards for each other. Maybe more so in the beginning of our 12 years together than more recently 😉 I have a big box of creative stuff for the kids, don’t we all?? Raid it and use your imagination to make a special card. If you need some inspiration here are a few goodies I found on pinterest, with credits to the guys who came up with the ideas! I could make these….I love the map one and I can think of a few map obsessed friends who would like this idea too.

4-2-15 valentines kiss 4-2-16 Eye for you 4-2-16 valentines card world


    4. Create some wall art. I have found the most amazing wall art on pinterest that I am absolutely going to recreate. I might even post a you tube video of myself making it. It looks so cool and thanks to for the great idea.

4-2-16 string heart

5. Valentines love coupons. I have found a free printable book of them online, here You just need to give your email address and it will be emailed to you. I might amend the half hour worth of back rub to 10 minutes though;-)

4-2-16 love coupons





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