7 Unusual Ways to Boost Your Income Online

Unusual Ways to Boost Your Income Online

We’d all love to have a little bit of extra cash spare to enjoy the little luxuries in life. Maybe you are saving for a holiday or that dream car you have always had your eye on. So when that weekly or monthly salary isnt enough why not look into making money online? I have written abut some more usual ways of making money online like mystery shopping or questionnaires, but here are a few more unusual ways to boost your income online too!

7 Unusual Ways to Boost Your Income Online

Writing articles Online

If you have always fancied yourself as a bit of a Hemingway, but never actually got around to putting your skills to good use, you could earn money by writing articles online. Companies like Textbroker and Greatcontent allow you to write a sample article to be rated, and then once you have this rating you can pick up articles within that rating from a list online.

Get paid for pictures

Not only can you get paid for providing text content to companies and individuals, but you can also sell pictures. Have you ever been on holiday and caught an amazing snapshot? Or what about just at home, maybe you have taken a brilliant snap shot of one of the pets? These can all help you make money online.

Websites like Fotolia help you to sell your pictures online. All you need to do is upload them, and you get a royalty fee every time it is downloaded. I have taken so many cool pictures that I could totally do this!

Online trading

Companies like CMC markets make online trading easy and accessible to the general public. IT used to be the case that only people with a lot of know how were able to get their head around trading online, but it is now so simple to do even Joe public can do it.

You do not need to be a technical fund analyst to dip your toes into the online trading market. A lot of companies even offer the facility to set buy and sell prices that trigger automatically, if you can’t be glued to your phone all day at work. Depositing and withdrawing funds is also an incredibly straight forward process on online trading platforms, with most accepting credit/debit cards with many options including Forex and stocks.

Rent out space

The internet has made communication so much easier.  There’s no wonder people are taking advantage of this to rent out space. You can either use a broker website like AirBnB, or go privately by putting an ad on a local news board.

If you haven’t got a spare room, fear not. You can still rent out parking spaces, or even your garden to campers. If you live near a big city, or a landmark, there could be hundreds to be made for renting out a space you wouldn’t otherwise use.

Sell your skills

Do you have a random skill? Can you draw like an artist or sing like an angel? Well, there is a website called Fiverr that let’s you sell any talent you have for £5. Skills on Fiverr range from the fairy normal to the weirdly wonderful, but if there is something you can do better than anyone else, it’s worth seeing if someone out there will pay you for it.

Review some music

Generational tastes can contrast a lot when it comes to music.  So if you think all of the stuff in the charts currently is ‘just noise’ it may not be for you. But if you do feel that you have a keen ear for a tune, Slicethepie will pay you for your thoughts on songs.

Most up and coming bands and singers rely on first impressions, so it is no wonder they are happy to pay people for their honest critique.

Refer someone/Switch bank accounts

A lot of companies, especially job websites, like to give cash bonuses to people who make referrals. Even if you are not actively using the website at the moment, most of them have free sign up!  So sign up and refer someone. This goes the same for paid survey sites, and is usually a bigger earner than the survey’s themselves. This how many bloggers make money with referral fees for sign-ups!

You can also stand to make within the region of £100 by switching bank accounts. Gone are the days when this used to be a lengthy process.  Most switches can now be taken care of online.

Do you know any other unusual ways of making money?

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