The Overwhelm of December

Every. single. woman friend I talk to currently is in overwhelm. Much more than any other year. There is a huge lot more of pressure this year to organise Christmas, get everything done, gifts sorted, food bought, work finished, social life upheld. And it’s too much.

Add in the general overwhelm of life and its really too much. I wrote a list of the eight big things going on in my life at the moment after a long walk around St. Albans Verulamium Park with a wonderful friend yesterday. It’s not pretty, it feels like far too much.

  1. Perimenopause
  2. Mental Health Issues with Children
  3. Acrimonious relationship with ex husband
  4. Police assault case
  5. Very Busy Work Life
  6. Christmas Organisation
  7. Relationship breakup
  8. Not eating properly, weight loss, my own mental health.

Each of those things BY ITSELF is enough to cause stress and overwhelm but eight of them? Writing them down has made me hugely realise that I must de-clutter my life. Also I must recognise the progress I have made in each of these big life events to make them more bearable. Can you do the same?


I have been taking HRT for the past three weeks and it made an immediate difference. I wrote this post three weeks ago to explain what I was going through and how perimenopause was making me feel. Three weeks on my anxiety and paranoia has reduced, I’m still angry, but I guess that is work in progress. My sleep has mostly improved and I am no longer bleeding.

Family Stuff

No need to say much here except I have had five meetings this week with schools to talk about family issues, so much time spent communicating to ensure that things are progressing, support is being provided to the most important peoples in my life.

There are SO many mental health issues with our children following the lockdown, if you are at all worried about your children please do reach out to the schools. Each and Every teacher I have spoken to has been incredible and so supportive. I am hugely grateful to all three schools for all they do.

The relationship with my ex husband has some work to go, there is some communication.

Assault Case

I can’t say any more about this, but this is ongoing. Reports and statements have been sent off. Its horrible having to relive events from earlier this year, but its the right thing to do.

Work Life

Yes, it’s been hugely busy from September all the way through to early December, but I think it’s on the wind-down now. Everyone in the PR, marketing world has given up for Christmas, next week I can tie up lose ends with Jade my assistant and do some prep for my Christmas holiday where I intend to do very little content blog work.

I do intend to do some forward planning work over the Christmas holiday. I have a clear idea of my five year plan and strategy so want to get all my thoughts down and share it with my mentors.

Christmas Organisation

I have been collecting bits over the past few weeks and pulled everything together to check what I have and what I need to buy. It is hampers this year for my family and have plenty of bits to pop in them. I still need a few bits for my boys, but I really need them to do the clothes choosing, and I do have the 23rd of Dec where I am at home with no children or plans.

I have successfully stuck to my Christmas budget, even saved a bit extra, mainly due to big competition win on Instagram where I won £500 of high street shopping vouchers.

Relationship BreakUp

Yes, life de-cluttered, just need to move on fully from that one.

My Mental Health & Physical Health

I have been doing a lot of work on this with my therapist. Exercise and yoga is helping hugely, but I must remember to eat, drink water and sleep. I have a lot of feelings of overwhelm and really do try to choose healthy coping mechanisms. Which doesn’t always work. I have a big thing that I must speak to my doctor about this week that I have only just admitted to close friends. Progress is being made.

Sending you all the love if you are feeling overwhelm, hopefully some of my coping mechanisms are options to you too. Most all reach out and talk to your friends or whoever can help you to cope with the nasty’s that life throws out.


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