Monday Money #177 Spending diary – Emotional Spending

Last week was a hugely emotional week as I shared in this post that I wrote yesterday. Overwhelm has been an issue since October to be honest, but it has hit in a big way the past couple of weeks. The thing with overwhelm is that yep it’s tough, but you have to acknowledge what you are experiencing and recognise the progress you are making towards all the things that are overwhelming you.

I very much did this in this article, I hugely recommend you do the same. We focus on progress not perfection here;-)

On this note I did a similar exercise with my work to do list with friend and fellow business owner Kathryn Knowles a few weeks ago. We both listed everything we do and ranked it in terms of enjoyment, can it be delegated, it is lucrative. We then went through each others lists and gave feedback. Since then I have taken huge positive steps towards outsourcing and changing the way I do things.

Christmas Content

I have written new or republished a few Christmassy posts over the last few days, including how to budget for Christmas. I have to report I am smashing my personal Christmas budget. I was very lucky to have won a £500 shopping voucher from a Kwikfit Instagram competition, I used £62.50 of this to buy myself a Christmas present (I budgeted £100 for me), Chanel No 5 perfume, my mums favourite perfume from John Lewis for FREE.

That same day I also has a wonderful FREE facial from Origins and Bobbi Brown did my make up as I was heading into London that night for Tom Jones at the O2. I did buy the Tinted moisturiser for £30 (momentarily forgetting the vouchers I had in my bag) then Origins and Bobbi Brown gave me some freebie trial products too. The Bobbi Brown face base is incredible, I have tried it before and its perfect size to take away on holiday.

And this was the result of the facial and make up. I do love a before and after.

Christmas Dinner for 6 people Inc fizz for less than £25. 3 courses!

I wrote a brilliant article for The Sun, with my byline. I created & cooked a three-course CHRISTMAS DINNER for six including alcohol for under £25. Also including ALL the trimmings even yorkshire puddings. It tasted amazing, you NEED this recipe that I created for roasted vegetable soup.

Scummy Mummies Night Out

I finally got to see my wonderful friend Helen Thorn perform as half of the Scummy Mummies in the Clapham Grad last week. Helen and Ellie were amazing, I laughed so much that my stomach ached. My friend Eve joined me and we had the best time ever.

Do What You Love Podcast Episode – Last one of S4

The LAST episode of my podcast went out. Ep 13 was DO WHAT YOU LOVE with Timi Merriman-Johnson, AKA Mr Money Jar. An absolute dream to have this honest and inspiring conversation. I loved it, YOU will love it.

Appalachian Challenge – We are 60% of the Way Towards Our Target

So far in Dec I’m up to 190km for the Appalachian challenge. We have 39% of our challenge to do by the end of December. Can we do it?? Donate here to our challenge, with all proceeds going to Grief Encounter, who offer counselling to bereaved children.

Spending Diary

A quick review of my spending diary this week, as I’ve decided to stop writing so much about the detail of my spending from next year. I will still be keeping a full record, for my own sanity and spending control, but I don’t need to share all the detail every week here.

I find my spending diary so helpful to understand my emotional spending patterns. I had a huge blip this week where I went and spent a huge amount of money in Prada, but then regretted the spending and have since returned the item. I am an emotional spender, last week was a huge challenge. Spending is an unhealthy coping mechanism, but I got in control by returning it and getting a full refund.

Spending diary actual Spends

I spent £156 on food, mostly eating out. I have lost the plot slightly with food, but its mostly not eating enough. There was £50 on bills this was my mobile phone and Netflix.

I spent £40 on fuel, dull. £30 was spent on the before mentioned Origins moisturiser. I spent £210 on personal care, a therapy session and a mediation session, potentially wasted money, we shall see.

Business expenses for the week were high with website hosting, travel costs and paying my virtual assistant for November hours worked, £431 spent.

I also saved £150, into my Stocks and Shares ISA, mortgage over-payment and auto-savings Plum account.

Total Spends of £1038.

Thanks for reading this and ALL of my content. I am hugely grateful for all the support you have given to Mrs Mummypenny over the years, I’ve been around for 9 years now, and there is still plenty more years to come.

I cant wait to share 2022 projects, content, podcasts and videos with you. There is so much more to come. And here is Tom Jones at the 02.


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