Standon Calling Festival & Camping with the Family

Standon Calling #40thingsb440 – Tick

I wrote post a few weeks back detailing my list of #40thingsb440. One thing on the list was to go to a festival. Yippee we are going to Standon Calling tomorrow for a whole 2 nights of camping that is 2 things ticked off the list no 15 and no 16. I also have no 25 to sing on stage, maybe I can get an opportunity at this festiva;-) Thank you to the organisers of Standon calling I am an official family ambassador and one of my tasks is to write this post. Plus oodles of social sharing over the weekend and another post to tell you about it after the event.

Standon Calling – Festival & Camping with the  Family

We are so excited to go, me for the music, the atmosphere, the wellbeing tent, the food, the land of the sea theme. The boys are excited for Jess Glynne, swimming, pirates and camping. Hubby wants to get the boys to experience drum and base with Goldie.

I have asked advice from friends and MMP fans who are festival goers, who have advised on things to take and things to think about when we are there. And Aldi have been fabulous and have sent us loads of camping gear to try out.

Camping Gear

You can spend a small fortune on camping gear, luckily for us Aldi have gifted us:-) . I wrote a few weeks about camping bits we were sent. So we are stocked up with

  • 1 hammock
  • 1 double sleeping bag
  • 1 huge rucksack
  • 2 mini rucksacks
  • 1 inflatable sofa
  • lots of lights, including a head light
  • Bottle opener
  • Sun cream, after sun, wipes.

We are borrowing an inflatable tent. No poles, it inflates…looks brill in the YouTube video.

We already have :-

  • 2 airbeds
  • 2 camping chairs
  • Picnic hamper/rug set
  • Duvets and pillows

We are also taking a pushchair, not for a child, more to lug stuff from car to camping site. As we don’t have a trolley. I have also brought a potty, surely a clever idea for night time wees.

Other handy stuff

  • We have a big bag of Aldi goodies for snacks including popcorn, Pringles, cookies, Haribo, tons of water, mini sausages, scotch eggs.
  • Loo Roll, baby wipes, hand sanitiser
  • Waterproof bag for phone to tie round neck.
  • Super phone charger holding 2 phone worth of charge.
  • Cash to load onto pre-paid wristband
  • Mini first aid kit.

Stuff for boys

Warm pyjamas, socks, pants, jumper, joggers, shorts, t-shirts, wellies, swimming stuff.

Stuff for me

I had a look today in Topshop and H&M for cool festival clothes. I wasn’t keen. Am going to style up clothing I already have to look cooler than cool. I have flowers for hair. I have chunky jewellery. I have wellies (which I might decorate with dinosaur stickers). I have chiffon floaty clothes. I have bright pink long lasting lipstick. I’ll be fine. Oh flip-flops for shower. I need warm clothes for night time as it will maybe get cold and I need a jumper. Book to read in morning as I will most likely wake up early.

Top Tips

  • Sleep with valuables at foot of sleeping bag/ take as little as possible.
  • Ear plugs for night time
  • Don’t camp near a main pathway
  • Prioritise the Hives and Cuban Bros and Goldie
  • Camp next to something memorable so you can find tent.

If there is anything I have missed please shout very quickly as are planning on getting there at 3pm tomorrow. Woo hoo. Official holiday starts tomorrow!


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