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Mobile Phone Contracts

I used to work in the world of mobile phones. I spent 5 years working for EE until June 2015 in various roles working with the retail shops, call centres and website looking after all sorts of products from pay monthly contracts, pay as you go contracts, mobile phone, free sim cards to go-pro cameras and broadband. When I first started in 2010 I had PAYG Nokia talk & text only phone and when I left 5 years later I was a technology expert with the best Samsung phone and tablet. I learnt a lot about phones, and also how much money mobile phone companies make out of mobile phone contracts! EE makes a lot of money girls and boys.

Life without a mobile phone? No thank you!

I would struggle without my phone. Its goes everywhere with me, even to the toilet sometimes! My business revolves around my website, email, social media so there are forever emails to reply to, people to chat to, social comments to reply to. Sometimes I enjoy queuing for things as it gives me time to go through social media and clean it up.

10-8-16 Mobile phone steps & sleepMy phone monitors my step count (not a great day on 8th Aug!), my sleep, my weight, my mental health, gives me personal finance tips, health coach tips, makes me laugh, makes me cry, holds my books, gets me to places via google maps. I feel very lost when battery is low, so I invested in a super battery pack that hold 2 phones worth of charge..LOL. Thanks EE Moorgate for helping in my hour of need. A dead battery when I needed to find an office in old street for a meeting. Battery pack sorted. Brilliant customer service.

A Great deal – and cheapest way to pay for mobile phone

I know a good deal when I see it in the mobile world and I know the cheapest way to get a decent phone;-). Those £45/50 a month contracts on the latest iPhone or Samsung are expensive peeps. Think about it. It’s a 24 month contract where you are spending say £45 each month, that is £1080. An iPhone does not cost EE that much money. No where near.

A much better and cheaper way of getting your phone if you want it brand new is to buy it outright on Amazon maybe or Ebay if you wanted second hand. Then get an EE Mobile SIM only contract. EE have a fabulous deal at the moment for a 12 month SIMO plan which is £19.99 per month (reduced from £34.99 which seems very steep!) including a ton 16 GB of data. Unlimited calls and texts. Now I am a heavy user of data and use my 10GB limit every month so 16GB is an amazing deal. This is only around for a short time. Only available until next Tues 16th Aug. Be quick snap it up:-)

Need a new phone?

Its nice to get a new phone but it not essential. Why not buy one from a mate, or check out Ebay. Hubby sold his iPhone 5S last week for £100 to a mate. Lots of people will have a handset lying in a drawer somewhere still working perfectly. Although I don’t advocate this, you should be selling them on Music Magpie and getting yourself some extra cash!!! I sold my used Samsung S4 on there last year and got £80. Bargain. Here is the link to them, also useful for selling CD’s, DVD’s, tablets, books, all sorts of stuff you have hanging around.
Music Magpie

If you want a brand new phone, check out trusty Amazon. I have just done a quick search and have found these options. iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S, Samsung S7 and S6. Massive difference in price for phones that all do the same thing!

Price comparison over the 12 months

Its nice to see the savings over a 12 month or 24 month period. Lets compare

iPhone 5S

I don’t need a new model iPhone I am happy to get a new iPhone 5S.

Cost of phone is £265. plus SIMO £19.99 * 12 = £239.88. Total cost of £504.88. This is £42.07 per month for 12 months or

£265 for phone + SIMO £19.99 * 24 = £479.76 = £744.76 = £31.03 for 24 months.

Samsung S7

Phone cost is £510.36. plus SIMO £19.99 * 12 = £239.88. Total cost of £750.24 = £62.52 per month for 1 year.

Or £510.36 + SIMO £19.99 * 24 = £479.76 cost of phone = £990.12  = £41.26 per month. Compared to a PAYM plan on EE website with is 50.99 per month (slightly more data 20GB) with £29.99 upfront for the phone = total cost of £1254 over 2 years. £263 more expensive.

So there you have it. A Sim only plan and a slightly older phone model is the way forward. Or even buy a brand a new phone outright with the SIMO plan and you still save money. Plus the phone is worth maybe £100-200 at the end of the 2 years or whenever you are done. Simple money saving from Mrs Mummypenny.

A reminder of the EE SIMO deal again is EE Mobile SIM only contract. Click on the highlighted word to be zipped through to the EE website to sign up.

This post contains affiliate links and I will be paid a small commission if you decide to buy a new SIMO contract or any of the phones from Amazon. Thank you.



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